On A Scale From One To Ten, Rate Me As An Interviewer.

This type of rating question can be asked because the interviewer is genuinely interested in hearing your feedback. It can also be asked to see how you react to an opportunity to criticize an authority figure. The way you answer this question will show the hiring manager how you view people in authority. It will also give them a chance to see your communication skills in action. If you’re interviewing for a managerial position, they may be trying to see how you would criticize or praise a person below you.

Points to Emphasize

When answering this question, try to keep things positive.

  • Focus on what the interviewer did well. Great questions they asked, positive tactics they used and things of that nature.

  • Tell them things they did that you may want to use if you ever find yourself conducting interviews. This will show them how engaged you were in the process.

  • Talk about how easy they made the interview. Perhaps you had been nervous, but they made the process okay.

  • Tell them about how the great characteristics you see in them.

    Make sure to let them know that you felt like they conducted the interview in a very professional way.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    It may be tempting to ream into them, but that isn’t the right tactic.

    • Do not criticize every minute detail.
  • Be careful not to sugar coat anything. If the interview was actual terrible and they didn’t ask any questions that were on topic, let them know kindly.

  • Don’t just rate them. Give them a reason for your number.

  • Avoid rating them too high or too low. Show them that you really thought about the rating.

    Interviewers are looking for honesty, but they also want to know that you respect them since they are in a position of authority.

    Sample Answer

    This question may seem hard, but a good response might be something like:

    I would rate you as 9 out of 10. Let me explain. You made me feel very comfortable in what can be a trying situation. Your questions were insightful and allowed me to showcase my skills and experiences. You allowed me to get some of my questions about the position answered, which was quite helpful. Even though everything went really well, I can’t give you a 10 because I believe that everyone has room for improvement.

    Answering in a positive tone, confident tone will show the hiring manager that you have desirable skills and traits that will work well within their company.

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