Odd Interview Questions

In today’s world, interviewers want to see how you think on your feet. They don’t want the same tired responses to common questions, so they may throw you a curveball to see how you respond. With so many applicants for the position you want, you need to stand out in the minds of every interviewer in order to get the job.

Your ability to think on your feet and act under pressure is a huge plus for any interviewer. When they see you handle odd interview questions with ease and humor, they recognize that you will be a valuable asset to the company with your ability to handle any situation. While you can’t prepare for every odd question that may come your way, you can practice answering confidently and researching the company so you have an idea of what responses they want to hear.

Since you can’t possibly have any idea what odd questions will be tossed at you, try preparing with a friend or mentor before your interview. Have them ask questions you don’t know about, and ask them to include an odd one every once in a while. This gives you the chance to think on your feet and develop the skill to come up with a good answer under pressure.

Examples of Odd Interview Questions

If you’ve never been caught in an interview where odd questions are thrown your way, you may not have any idea what to expect. Here are a few you can add into your practice regimen that allow you to show your problem solving skills and ability to respond to things you didn’t see coming.

  • What are three positive character traits you struggle with and don’t have?

  • If a movie was made about your life, who would the lead character be?

    • What would be the title of your biography?
  • If you could be any superhero, which superpowers would you want to have?

  • If I opened your refrigerator right now, what would be in it?

  • If you were a candy bar rather than a person, which candy bar would you be and why?

  • What would the headline news story about your life say?

  • If you had six months to do anything you wanted, with no financial or time constraints, what would you do?

  • What would you do with a $20 million win in the lottery?

    • How are my interviewing skills?
  • If food and water were provide for you on a deserted island but you had to stay for two months, what other two things would you bring?

    As you can see in these examples, interviewers are likely trying to get you to think fast, but also trying to get an idea of what type of personality you have. They want to see what the first thing that comes to your mind is, and if those values line up with what they are looking for.

    When answering these questions, it’s okay to use a little bit of humor combined with real, concrete answers. Again, interviewers want to see how you roll with the punches and if you can handle something unexpected coming your way during the workday. It’s important in any job that you can problem solve and be creative, so don’t be afraid to highlight those skills during your answers.

    Tips for Handling Odd Interview Questions

    While you can’t prepare a stock response to these questions because you have no idea what they are, you can practice the skills used to answer them. The important thing is that you don’t let the question unsettle you, and that you are able to roll with it and give an intelligent answer. If the question throws you off, you may not be able to handle the job.

    Keep in mind that there are no right or wrong answers to these questions. More often than not, the interviewer is trying to get some insight into your personality, so now is the time to let it shine. An answer with humor that relates to the job is a definite plus, but probably not something that is expected of you.

    Overall, this is the time to let your guard down and let a little bit of who you are come through. If you can make them laugh or share a fun experience, now is the time to do it. Show them that you are a fast-thinking candidate that doesn’t get rattled when things don’t go your way.

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