No Interview Letter

Receiving a No Interview Letter

The process of getting a job requires the initial finding of postings and sending off resumes. Unfortunately, not every application you send will lead to an offer or even an interview. As hard as it may be to write, receiving a no interview letter is even more difficult. Companies send these out when hiring managers do not believe a candidate is the best fit for a prospective position. Do not take this as a sign that you are necessarily under qualified or that you should cease the job search.

A hiring manger might send the no interview letter for a multitude of reasons. It is possible that other candidates were more qualified, but the manger may have also decided to not fill the open position. Conversely, the hiring manager may believe you are highly qualified, but favors a different personality than what you presented in your cover letter. Sometimes, getting the offer is more about fitting into the existing environment than the black and white details of a resume.

The Format of No Interview Letter Content

Like similar interview letters, the no interview letter will be concise and relatively short. It is not the hiring manager’s intention to draw out the process or waste your time. As such, you can expect a brief but polite response to your resume and application. You should not encounter anything negative or unprofessional within the letter. In fact, these letters can be very beneficial to you as you move forward in your job search.

The correspondence may include information regarding why you did not receive an invitation to interview. Whatever information the message contains, it should be positive and even encouraging. Any comments made are meant to be helpful and constructive. You might even be invited to apply to the position again in the future. From this information, you can direct your professional growth more effectively and even gain insight into what your experience qualifies you for.

Typically, this letter will not contain any contact information from the prospective employer. This correspondence is generally meant to signify an end of communication for the present period. Though you will have some sort of return address at the top of the letter, you will likely not be given any phone numbers or email addresses in this piece of correspondence.

Sample of No Interview Letter

In the following example, the Human Resources Manager delivers the news. She acknowledges the candidate’s qualifications and skills, but quickly states he will not move on in the process at this point in time.

Ms. Ashley Tilde

Human Resources Manager

LMNOP Unlimited

26 Electric Gable

Berg, North Carolina 87514

August 18, 2010

Mr. Jack Michaels

789 North Meadow St.

Ville, North Carolina 87965

Dear Mr. Michaels,

Thank you for submitting your cover letter and resume to LMNOP Unlimited for the Account Manager position. The hiring team was impressed with your work experience and recommendations. These documents indicate you are a capable talent who will succeed in the profession.

We regret to inform you that after carefully considering your application, we have decided to not invite you to interview for the company. We have received a number of resumes for the Account Manager position and at this time, we believe other candidates have experience that more closely aligns with our niche focus.

Your resume will be stored for one year. LMNOP Unlimited will be expanding in the near future and will need qualified professionals such as yourself.

We at LMNOP Unlimited thank you for your resume and your interest in the position. We wish you professional success and much luck in your job search. We encourage you to submit your resume again as other positions become available within the company.


Ashley Tilde

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