What to Expect in a Medical Interview

If you are interviewing for a position as a medical assistant, nurse or any other healthcare job, you will be facing high expectations. In addition to technical knowledge, which you have achieved through coursework and practice, interviewers want to see someone who is skillful and can think on their feet when interacting with patients.

Health care workers typically interact with many patients throughout the day. Many of these patients will be in pain and worried. Some of them will even be volatile due to psychiatric conditions or illegal drugs. Medical interviewers look for someone who can handle a wide variety of situations appropriately and adjust quickly to any changes. In addition to keeping a cool head in all circumstances, a medical employee is expected to treat all patients with compassion and tact no matter their backgrounds, circumstances or beliefs.

Tips to Remember

Many interviewers in the medical field use behavior-based interviews to assess your skills and suitability for the position. You will be asked to talk about a situation where your behavior demonstrated one or more of the traits that make you a good candidate. For example, your interviewer may ask you to describe a time when you handled a difficult patient, or were able to show good judgment and apply medical knowledge in a high-pressure situation.

The following tips will help you share your stories effectively and in a way that truly highlights your skills:

· Think of specific incidents that showcase your abilities.

· Identify the challenges that you faced in those situations.

· Be able to describe the action you took and your reasoning behind doing so.

· Communicate what you learned from the situation and its outcome.

Have several stories ready to highlight different abilities that will be important to the interviewer. This will show that you have experience and are prepared for any challenges.

General Skills to Highlight

There are certain skills and traits that are typically sought after in medical workers, from assistants to physicians. The most notable include the following:

  • Patience – You will be busy, you will be tired and you will be dealing with difficult patients; all of them will need not just your help, but also your empathy.
  • Knowledge – In addition to the medical information you have absorbed through your coursework, you will be expected to keep abreast of the latest developments and enhance your knowledge throughout your career.
  • Flexibility – Show that you are ready to approach problems creatively, and use your judgment in combination with your knowledge to make the optimal decision.

Let your knowledge, skills and experience shine through. When interviewing for a health care position, your goal is to show that you are wholly prepared to meet the challenges that will arise every day.

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