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What to Expect in a Media and Entertainment Interview

Whether you want to be behind the scenes, in front of a camera, or you want to work for a publishing company, an interview for a media and entertainment position will require some extra work. You will want to stand out from the other interviewees. Knowing the company you’re interviewing for and its audience is an important part of making your interview memorable.

Interviewers want you to know exactly what the company produces. They will ask you many questions specific to their content. When heading for an interview with a publishing house, you will want to study the authors and genres they publish. If you’ve snagged an interview with a magazine, get some back issues and study them closely for tone, audience, and the kind of information they are producing. For online, radio, or television, you will need to take notes about the kind of content they are producing and for whom.

Tips to Remember

There are many aspects to media and entertainment jobs, so it is important to narrow down what you need to know for your specific position. Following these tips will help focus your interview:

· Study the company carefully, taking note of the kinds of work they produce and the audience they produce it for. Pay attention to recurring segments or sections.

· Have a list of the company’s back issue articles, broadcasted stories, or printed material that you enjoyed.

· Be ready to give suggestions using specific examples on how you would make the company better.

· Be able to relate the company’s content to your work and education experience.

· If you are doing many interviews within the media and entertainment world, be sure to keep them straight. Don’t accidentally mix up your interviewer with the company’s competitor.

It is always a good idea to research standard interview questions, as well. To better remember them, practice your answers with someone.

General Skills to Highlight

There are many different kinds of positions in media and entertainment. You could be a news anchor, assistant producer, copy editor, interviewer, writer, just to name a few. Each of those positions will require related experience, but there are general skills that anyone interviewing for a media and entertainment position should highlight in an interview.

  • Time management

    – You’ll be juggling many aspects of a job while under strict publication or broadcast deadlines.

  • Flexibility –

    Some positions require changing, long, or overnight hours.

  • Cooperation

    – You’ll need to be able to work with many different types of people and temperaments.

  • Confidence

    – Be confident in your skills to get the job done without being arrogant.

In a media and entertainment interview, it is important to discuss how these skills make you a great fit for the work you’ll be doing. This will ensure a successful interview.

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