What to Expect in a Marketing Interview

Whether you’re interviewing for a position in design, PR, account management, or promotions, marketing is all about ideas. Employers are going to want to see innovative concepts that differentiate you from other candidates, especially if you can tie them into the company’s already existing strategies.

Interviewers want to see that you’re relatively familiar with their company and will ask you questions accordingly. Be sure to present any sales, social media or design ideas confidently, so that they take you seriously. Don’t act like you know everything, however, as a dash of humility will go a long way in this industry. Moreover, ideas alone aren’t enough. You’ll need to point to samples of your work to illustrate your skills, either by telling a compelling narrative or by bringing your physical portfolio.

Tips to Remember

Although being prepared before you enter any interview is important, a marketing interview will involve questions that require some broad knowledge you’ll need to reflect on and think about beforehand. Some tips to take into consideration:

· Know your company. Research the organization and demonstrate you know their product, why they’re selling it and that you know how to market it in a captivating way.

· Sell your personal brand. Because marketing is about creating rapport between business and consumer, this interview is like your very first task at the office.

· Connect your brand to the company. Using your company research and your own brand, emphasize the ways you bring fresh insight and new ideas to the table and why that’s important for the industry.

Look online for commonly asked interview questions and plan your answers in advance. You’ll want to rework whatever advice you find in your own voice, and by doing so, you’ll prove to the future employer your ability to sell yourself.

General Skills to Highlight

Although similar to other types of interviews, a marketing interview demands you demonstrate some industry-specific features. Call attention to these extra skills:

· Creativity ­– show off your imagination and let employers know your ideas are fresh.

· Charisma – appear friendly and interesting, as these are crucial for selling company products.

· Problem Solving – resolving issues between companies and consumers is par for the course.

· Productivity – any position in this field will require you to generate ideas, and lots of them.

· Self-Assuredness – be confident in your ideas and secure in your presentation.

· Goal-Oriented – emphasize ways you help the employer achieve the company’s overall mission.

In a marketing interview, you want to demonstrate that you’ve got solid ideas and are able to sell them. With the right balance of spirit and charisma, you can be sure your interview will be memorable and exciting.

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