Market Research Interviewer Cover Letter

Making Great Use of a Cover Letter

No matter what type of position you are looking to get, a cover letter can show a level of professionalism. If you are trying to get a market research interviewer position, this is not different. A market research interviewer cover letter is not much different from any other cover letter.

A cover letter is used to introduce your resume. It can be sent to a potential employer to introduce yourself before you even have an interview. It can be sent as a precursor to a scheduled interview. You can also bring a cover letter and resume along to the interview itself. No matter when you are planning on sending a cover letter it still serves much of the same function.

In order to write a great market research interviewer cover letter, you have to look at the content and format normally associated with a cover letter. This will show you the best way to use a cover letter.

Format and Content

If you have ever written a formal letter, a cover letter can be formatted in much of the same way:

  • Your name, address and contact information; normally in the top right corner

  • The date; normally listed directly below your information

  • The name of the addressee, the company and the company’s address; normally below your address, but on the left side

    • Greeting; aligned on the left side
    • Content of the letter; aligned on the left side
    • Ending salutations; aligned on the left
    • Your signature; below the salutations
  • Printed version of your name; below your signature

    The format is important because you want to make sure that you include everything, and it gives the letter a professional look. However, the more important thing here is the content.

    There are three main pieces of content that you want to be sure to include. In the first paragraph, sometimes also called the introduction, you want to be sure to introduce yourself. Let the reader know why you are writing the letter right away. They shouldn’t have to guess what position you are applying for.

    In the middle paragraphs you want to highlight some of your qualifications. What makes you a great fit for this company and this position? Make sure to be specific. Never send a generic cover letter. This will make it seem like you’re not really interested in getting the job.

    The last paragraph is where you want to show your intentions. Do you intend to call and follow up after the letter? Are you looking forward to an already scheduled interview? No matter what your intentions are, include them and make sure to actually follow through. For example, if you say you are going to get in touch with them in a couple of days, do it.

    The Use

    A huge part of getting good use out of a market research interviewer cover letter is making sure that you format it well and include important content. You also have to make sure that it is written well. This is a way for you to showcase your written communication skills. This means you want to make sure to review the letter, and maybe even let a friend take look to get a fresh pair of eyes.

    The use also comes into play when you decide when to send a cover letter. As mentioned previously, there are three main times that a cover letter can be sent, and they all just depend on your situation. If you have no contacts within the company, but are really interested in working for them, you can send the letter as an introduction. Maybe after you do that, you get an interview and you find out who you will be interviewing with. You can send another cover letter at that point. Make sure that it is not identical to the one you already sent.

    A market research interviewer cover letter isn’t much different from any other cover letter. You want to make sure to write a professional letter that is to the point. Start the interview process out on the right foot by sending a great cover letter.

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