When you participate in a management interview, it is important to understand what the interviewer hopes to perceive in you. Each qualified management candidate should demonstrate exemplary communication skills, attention to detail, and an engaging but commanding personality. Interviewers need to know that the candidate they select will be up to the task of bringing out the best qualities in an entire team of workers.

Management professionals are responsible for ensuring that daily activities within the workplace flow as easily as possible. This means that coworkers understand their positions, implement effective communications strategies, and perform their duties to the best of their abilities. The best qualified management members guide their team to perform well individually and together. Be prepared to demonstrate these abilities as you engage the interviewer and answer his or her questions.

Tips to Remember


Every interview carries with it certain issues for consideration. To prepare for your interview, you will want to make sure that you are ready to answer your interviewer’s questions as effectively and efficiently as possible. Here are a few tips to help you:

  • Exude confidence tempered by reasonable humility. Your ability to guide others to do their best work depends on your ability to demonstrate confidence. Alongside that, those who work directly above you must have faith that you will be able to accept constructive criticism for improvement.

  • Bring with you examples of times your management skills helped you perform your job extremely well and/or informed various types of decisions.

  • Make eye contact to show that you understand the importance of effective communication.


When the opportunity presents itself, ask your interviewer questions about the work performed by the company and the successes achieved there.

General Skills to Highlight


Interviews in management are designed to reveal certain qualities in those applying. To prove that you are the best person for the job, take special care to highlight these skills:

  • Leadership – guide others to produce their best work possible

  • Creativity – imagine creative methods for completing tasks efficiently

  • Innovative spirit – when old methods no longer work well, effective managers develop new strategies

  • Problem solving – handle every problem effectively and efficiently

  • Diplomacy – engage in constructive destruction to help everything run smoothly

  • Organization – implement organization to offset all other problems that may arise


Your management interview will be most successful if you balance your natural confidence with an appreciation for the opportunity to learn from those who guide you. Putting these skills to work as you guide others will make you indispensable to your company.

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