Leasing Consultant Interview Questions And Answers

Consumers and property management companies alike rely on leasing consultants to make sure that their leases are executed properly and filled out in a timely manner. When you go in for an interview for a leasing consultant position, you need to show the hiring manager that you have the necessary qualifications to excel at that company. Before you even walk through those office doors, you should prepare answers to the following questions:

  • What inspires you to succeed?
  • What is your biggest weakness?

· Why do you think you would excel in this position?

  • What are your overall career goals?

These questions can be asked for different jobs as well, but as a future leasing consultant, you in particular need to be ready to tackle these inquiries.

Good Answers for Leasing Consultant Interview Questions

A hiring manager will want to know what motivates you to perform at your best so that he or she will know what will keep you going if you are hired to work at this company. Your answer can revolve around taking pride in the number of sales you are able to get. You may also enjoy taking on new challenges and rising up to the occasion. The interviewer wants to see that you would consistently be motivated while you are working there, and that you would continue to provide stellar results for years to come.

Being asked, “What is your biggest weakness?” is a hallmark of many interviews, but it is certain to come up during a leasing consultant interview because the hiring manager wants to see if you are capable of overcoming your own personal obstacles. Interviewers do not want to hear about a weakness that would be detrimental in you performing your job adequately. You should state a minor weakness and then list the steps you are taking to overcome it. You could also talk about a weakness that is actually a strength in disguise.

There are numerous aspects to a leasing consultant’s job, so the interviewer will want to know what makes you stand out from other applicants and how you would succeed in this job. This is an excellent opportunity to discuss your education or any relevant work experience. Showing that you already have all the skills necessary to excel at the company will make a hiring manager much more confident in hiring you.

Hiring managers are often very interested in knowing where a job applicant hopes to go in his or her career. It is okay to say that you are not planning on being a leasing consultant for the rest of your life, but your career goals should at least be related to property management. You want to convey the fact that becoming a leasing consultant at this company is beneficial to your overall career goals. It is acceptable to say that you are unsure of what the future holds, but you are dedicated to the job right at this moment, and you know your interests lie in property management.

Additional Questions That Could be Asked

Although every interview is different, you should prepare for a number of questions that could potentially come up. Certain questions might include:

· Are you able to work independently or do you need guidance?

  • How would you handle an angry customer?

· Talk about a time where you helped someone in need.

· Would you offer your best friend a better deal than a stranger?

  • Define integrity.

By preparing and outlining responses beforehand, you will be in a much better to tackle tough interview questions when the time comes. You never want to have long pauses in your responses or show that you are unprepared in the slightest. With the right amount of preparation, you will be able to effectively handle your next leasing consultant interview.

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