What to Expect in a Law Interview

The field of law is fast-paced and challenging. Interviewers don’t have time to waste, so it’s important to show them you’ve done your research and are ready to have your knowledge put to the test. Demonstrate confidence in your responses, but don’t act as though you’ve got everything figured out. Interviewers for law positions want employees who are willing to listen and consider the ideas of others but are still secure enough in their own abilities to create good work.

An important thing to keep in mind before a law interview is that while the questions can vary wildly, your capacity to connect your answers to them will not. Whether you’re a lawyer, paralegal, or legal secretary, potential employers want to pose demanding questions to test your ability to maintain composure under pressure.

Tips to Remember

While preparing for any interview is stressful, law is a particularly competitive field and the more you research in advance, the better. You may not know what questions will be asked, but you can control how you answer them. A few tips to bear in mind before your interview:

· Know the employer. Research the organization beforehand and deliver specific, company-based responses.

· Know your own resume. You’ll need to have some prepared stories to explain how you’ve handled situations in your past in order to express yourself as a well-informed and hard-working future employee.

· Know what the employer expects of you. Understand the role in the company you’re interviewing for, its expectations of you and how to sell yourself.

Don’t be afraid to put your own confident spin on your resume, but make sure you know the company’s values align with your own beforehand.

General Skills to Highlight

A law interview is similar to many other types of interviews, although employers will be looking for some particular aspects in their candidates. To get the upper hand on the competition, the extra skills you should spotlight include:

· Self-Confidence – maintain an air of composed elegance.

· Attentiveness – ask specific questions regarding the employer’s practices and routines.

· Congeniality – in a fast-paced work environment, everyone needs to get along.

· Flexibility – demonstrate you can adapt to any situation.

· Ability to Learn Quickly – show how you are self-motivated to learn on the fly.

In a law interview, you want to come across as hard working and self-reliant without acting as though you’ve got everything figured out. It can be tough to strike this balance, but by combining your passion for work with a cool composure, your interview will be impeccably memorable.

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