Kindergarten Teacher Interview Questions And Answers

Kindergarten teachers play a crucial role in a child’s intellectual development, so if you plan on accepting this role, then you need to be prepared to ace the kindergarten teacher interview. Due to the fact that these teachers have such a unique responsibility, interviewees are asked specialized questions to see if you would be a good role model for children. Some of the questions you need to be ready to answer include:

  • How do you go about developing lesson plans?

· Would you be able to integrate a special needs child into your classroom?

  • How is learning related to teaching?

· How would you handle a child who cannot stay on task?

These questions are asked to determine your competency at managing numerous children at once and being a positive influence.

Answering Kindergarten Teacher Interview Questions

You may have years of experience under your belt as a kindergarten teacher, or you might just be starting out. Either way, you should have a clear and concise strategy on how to create fun and engaging lesson plans. One of the things interviewers are typically looking for is seeing if you have both short and long term plans in mind. You need to show that you have ideas in mind on how to teach students concepts like the alphabet, colors and basic handwriting immediately and ensure that they retain that information throughout the year.

Throughout your teaching career, you might be tasked with teaching students with various learning disabilities, and you need to be able to accommodate these exceptional children. To a hiring manager, you need to be able to explain what modifications you would make to your lesson plans. You may also need to show that you would be able to accommodate the student in every way, including changing up your classroom to guarantee the child’s well-being.

Numerous types of teaching styles are available such as auditory, hands-on and visual. Different students respond better to certain teaching styles than others, so you need to show that you can perform all three satisfactorily. Kindergarteners are just beginning to learn what teaching styles work best for them, so you need to incorporate as many teaching styles as you can in your lesson plan to make sure every student is learning.

Some children will be able to stay on task, and others will have a more difficult time. This is often attributed to the fact that kindergarten is generally the first place where young children have to adhere to a strict schedule every day of the week. An interviewer who asks how you would handle a child having problems staying on task does not want to hear what disciplinary actions you would take. Instead, interviewers want to hear how you would assist the student by working with them one-on-one and talking to the student’s caregivers to see what can potentially be changed at home.

Questions You Should Ask at a Kindergarten Teacher Interview

Most job interviews end with the interviewing asking, “Do you have any questions for me?” If you are planning on being a kindergarten teacher, there are definitely things you should ask your potential employer, including:

· What materials are currently available in the classroom?

· What committees, if any, would I be expected to serve on?

  • How big are class sizes on average?

· Would I be able to see the classroom I would be teaching in?

· How does this school stand apart from others in the district?

You want to make sure that the environment you are working in is conducive to your working style and that you would be able to do a lot of good at that school. By asking the right questions, you will have a better idea of what will be expected of you, and you will be ready to tackle this important responsibility.

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