Job Interview Sales Process

To aid in making interviews easier to handle, a number of different interview tips and manners in which to approach an interview have been developed. One such way is the job interview sales process. In this form of interview style, interviewees approach the interview as if they are making a sale. In a sense, this is very reasonable, seeing as in an interview one must “sell” the interviewer on the fact that they are a proper fit for the job. Read on to understand more about the process and how to properly implement it.

The Sales Process

Similar to the seven-step personal selling process, the sales process has seven steps:

1. Generate leads: find jobs and companies that are hiring in your given field

2. Qualify leads: determine which positions and companies might be a good fit for you

3. Pitch yourself: set the scene by giving the interviewer some information about yourself, highlighting your skills and abilities that would allow you to fulfill the position

4. Analyze the need: ask questions to determine what the main focus and requirements of the position are

5. Provide supported solutions: give narratives of times you have faced and resolved the issues that were uncovered through your analysis

6. Address objectives: infer about and address any objectives that the interviewer might have about you being the right fit for the position

7. Close: seal the deal by asking about your next steps in the interview process

The first two steps occur before you even enter the interview, and conducting research is not only key to properly addressing them, but is also important in being able to properly execute the following steps. Be sure to research and prepare so that you are able to properly execute the job interview sales process. In fulfilling the last five steps, it is important that you exude certain characteristics.


To properly execute the process, you must possess certain skills and traits beyond those that are needed to fulfill the position. The most important characteristic is confidence. You need to be completely sure that you not only desire the position, but also that you have the right “currency” or training, knowledge and experience to seal the deal. Another trait is strong communication skills. Even if you are confident, if you cannot articulate and properly express yourself, you may come across as timid or unknowledgeable, which can reflect badly during your interview. Adaptability and problem solving skills are also important to have when executing this strategy. Though you have the seven steps in mind, you have to find a way to incorporate them into the particular interview style that the interviewer is utilizing. If you can hone these attributes, you will be able to properly employ the job interview sales process.


Remember, not all interviews will be the same; in fact, it would benefit you to expect no two interviews to be the same. As such, it is critical that you practice so that you can become comfortable with handling various types of interview styles and understand how to effectively incorporate the sales process. If by chance you are applying to different positions or opportunities in different fields, you will also want to practice tailoring your answers to the particular jobs. Within each field, various companies will have their own way of operating and company culture. Therefore, you will want to tailor your answer to the particular company as well. It is a good idea to have a general template in mind, however be ready to present it in a number of different ways. Just like when selling a product, good salesmen must know their audiences and present their products in a way that creates the greatest appeal for each audience. The job interview sales process is no different.

If you are truly interested in a position, you want to make sure that you provide yourself with the best possible opportunity to secure the job. This process has proven to be a great aid in such endeavors. Take time to make sure that you fully understand each aspect and practice how to effectively execute it. The more you practice it the easier it becomes to embody it and apply the necessary characteristics. As you do this, you will position yourself for success in your next interview by properly utilizing the job interview sales process.

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