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Your technical abilities may have qualified you to land an interview, but they won’t guarantee you a job. After all, there are plenty of other applicants who have also worked hard to hone those specific skills required to do the work. How can you get a bit of an advantage? There’s a modern resource that is growing in popular and this is the online interview preparation tool, such as the one you’ll see at These tools are used to help job applicants hone their soft skills. These are the attributes that help you to communicate and interact positively with other people. The more that you are able to show off your own soft skills during an interview, the better you will represent yourself.

Before you dig into the substance and content at, take a look at the top six soft skills that employers hope to find:

  • Adaptability means that you are able to grow and adapt to changes in the business. You need to demonstrate your thirst for learning and show that you are willing to develop new skills.

  • Collaboration is often high on employers’ lists of desired traits. This is true whether you are applying to be part of the team or hope to stand out as a leader. If you can’t work well with others or foster a sense of teamwork, then you may not get further than the interview.

  • Communication skills are necessary for just about any job these days. How well can you express yourself in an email or persuade team members to tackle a new challenge?

  • Conflict resolution is a natural outgrowth of effective collaboration and communication. Strengthen your persuasive negotiation skills. If you can give an example of this during the interview, it may help the employer recognize your potential within the company.

  • Problem solving has been a catch-phrase for people in many industries for the past several years and it promises to hang out for several more. Interviewers will often ask job candidates to talk about a time they solved a problem. Can you explain the approach you took, how you solved the problem, and how you enlisted others to help?

    Displaying your soft skills may be difficult during an interview unless you have some way of demonstrating them rather than simply describing them. One great example is to put your written communication skills to work on your resume. How is this done? Check out some of the great examples at

    Learn to Put Your Skills on Display

    It is possible to learn new soft skills and to strengthen the ones that you already have. Take a close look at your resume and try to create an unbiased opinion of your grasp of the technical and soft skills required for the job. Identify your strengths and any areas where you need to improve. Once you’ve developed this list, review the many helpful features at These include:

    • Examples of Cover Letters.
    • Tips on How to Dress for the Interview.
    • A Helpful Interview Guide.
  • Lists of Interview Questions and Answers by Career.

  • A Guide to Answers to Difficult Interview Questions.

    • Questions for You to Ask the Interviewer.
    • Case Questions.
    • How to Approach Questions About Salary.
    • Practice Job Interviews.
    • Help Preparing for Second Interviews.

    As you look through the Interview Tip section of the, you can review advice about dressing appropriately and how to build confidence as you approach the interview. The Interview Guide will instruct you in effective practice interviews and what you should not say.

    An Internet Guide for Interviewers and Candidates isn’t just a great resource for interviewees looking for a better way to show off their pertinent skills. It is also a good place for hiring teams to review some of the most insightful questions. As a professional, seeking to find employees who will be a great fit with your company, you can turn to this site for lists of questions to use, tips for asking the questions and getting the most information from the answers, as well as guides to help you understand what you’re hearing. Are you nervous about being lied to during the interview process? Check out the relevant article under the Employer Interview Questions heading.

    Technology is changing the way that employers and applicants are matched up. It is changing the way resumes are sorted and interviews are carried out. It has changed almost every aspect of the business world. It just makes sense that candidates would turn to technology for help while preparing for an interview. Give your job preparations an upgrade and put your skills in a favorable light by using the information available on

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