Job Interview Letter

Receiving a Job Interview Letter

When you apply for a job, you have to send in your resume along with the job application and a cover letter, Based on this information, you may receive a job interview letter. What is that? It is not a job offer, but it is the hiring manager’s invitation to interview for the position. Do not take this as a sign that you are a shoe in for the position. However, this letter does indicate a real interest in you as a potential employee.

The interview letter will likely contain all or most of the important information you will need for your interview. Look for:

  • The name of the interviewer
  • How many interviewers will be present
  • The date of the appointment
  • The location of the question and answer session
  • Any special instructions

If you receive an interview letter, consider it a guide to having a successful question and answer session. Before your appointment, you will likely prepare by researching the company and acquainting yourself with the original job posting. The letter should be a major part of your prep plan. You should also make an effort to confirm the date and times you find within it. This will ensure that you are not misled or misinformed. You don’t want to show up a day late for your interview, so just check to make sure the company did not miss any typos.

The Formatting of Job Interview Letter Content

The job interview letter is straightforward and concise. If you receive a packet of information, it will be separate from the letter. Furthermore, unless you are applying for work at a graphic design agency or some other artistic firm, the message will likely be written on standard paper with minimal design or embossing. You will find the name of your coordinator and a company address at the top of the letter.

The content format should follow a logical progression of ideas:

  • First paragraph or section: Acknowledges the receipt of your resume/application and thanks you for your interest in the position. Also, gives an initial impression of you as a candidate.

  • Second paragraph or section: Contains interview details including time, location and name of interviewer.

  • Third paragraph or section: Includes special instructions and the particulars of how and when to respond to the job interview letter.

  • Fourth paragraph or section: Covers relevant contact information.

    The information or flow may vary slightly, but generally, this is what you can expect from this type of correspondence.

    Sample Job Interview Letter

    Below is a sample job interview letter. It informs the candidate about being selected to advance to the interview stage. The correspondence is concise and to the point.

    Mr. Edgar Allan Poe

    Chief Computer Programmer

    XYZ Innovations

    17 Binary Drive

    Tampa, Florida 77889

    November 11, 2000

    Ms. Emily Dickenson

    1490 Trunk Road

    Boston, MA 66554

    Dear Ms. Dickinson,

    Thank you for submitting your application and resume for the Junior Programmer position with XYZ Innovations. We reviewed your resume and were very impressed with your experience and recommendations. These documents indicate you have the training and skills to be a highly effective worker with our company.

    We want to invite you to interview in front of our panel on December 1 of this year. The interview will be held at 17 Binary Drive, Tampa, Florida 77889 in office 12B.

    Please confirm your availability and select your interview time by contacting Mr. Walt Whitman at 888-555-1212 during normal business hours. Additionally, bring an updated portfolio of your completed projects.

    We look forward to meeting you on December 1, 2000. If you have any questions contact me at 888-555-1213. If you cannot keep your appointment, please contact Mr. Walt Whitman immediately.

    Best of Luck,

    Mr. Edgar Allan Poe

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