Is There Anything That Will Prevent You From Working The Job’S Regular Hours?

There is not a one set amount of hours that are required for all companies or all positions; one position may require thirty hours each week while another job may consist of 60 hours of work. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the regular hours that must be worked for any job that you are applying for, and that you are able to show your consideration of and commitment to work the necessary hours.

Points to Emphasize
To properly answer this question, there are a few points that you can emphasize, no matter what the required hours may be.

  • Clearly address the initial question.
  • Give an explanation of how you will be able to complete the required hours.

    • Demonstrate your knowledge of the required hours.
    • Show a commitment to and desire to fulfill the position.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid
    There are a few mistakes and pitfalls that you want to avoid when answering this question:

  • Do not simply give a one word answer; it may come off as you have not given it much thought.

    • Do not state your preference of hours you would like to work.
  • Even though you may face certain obstacles, such as set doctor’s appointments, do not focus on them; focus on ways you can ensure that you can work the needed hours.

  • Do not show any timidity in answering the question; that might come off as laziness or untruthfulness.

    Sample Answer

    Ensure that you properly answer inquiries about your ability to work the necessary hours by saying something like this:

    I will not have an issue working the necessary hours. I understand the time commitment required and am fully available to fulfill that commitment. I am also a goal-oriented individual and pride myself on my ability to complete set tasks, so professionally I would be willing to devote the needed time to properly fulfill the needs of the position.

    Remember, in an interview your goal is to eliminate any doubts that the interviewer may have about your ability to perform all requirements of the position, and the time commitment is a crucial component. Properly answering this question can help place you one step closer to securing the position.

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