Interviewing Enthusiasm

When you arrive at an interview, it can be a challenge to appear composed and excited. Interviewing enthusiasm is a critical element of a successful job interview. Excitement helps the hiring manager to see your investment and desire to obtain the job. Your positivity will set you apart from other candidates and increase your probability of getting a job. In order to project the right image during an interview, there are three important elements to consider. First, prepare properly for the interview both mentally and physically. Second, listen and respond properly during the interview. Lastly, conclude the interview with positivity.

Preparing for the Interview

It might appear to be impossible to properly prepare for an interview because of the many unknowns that present themselves during an interview. There are critical aspects to being well prepared, including preparing physically and mentally. Preparing physically is one of the most critical aspects to interviewing enthusiasm. Start by sleeping sufficiently the night before. Eat a good meal before the interview so that you are not hungry. Make sure to be adequately clean and well groomed. You can check with a friend or family member to make sure that you look great for the interview. When you look your best and feel good, you have laid the foundation for maintaining a positive attitude during an interview.

Increasing your interviewing enthusiasm also begins with mental preparation. Take time the week before the interview to study carefully the job announcement and job requirements. Make sure to outline the skills and experience you have that give evidence of fulfilling the job requirements. If you need to, study required manuals or books that include knowledge for which you will be responsible. Give plenty of time to travel to the interview so that you are not late. Rushing to an interview can increase your stress and can reflect badly on your ability to maintain a positive tone during the interview. With proper mental preparation, you will be more confident and more able to be positive during your interview.

Listen and Respond Properly

Start the interview with a firm handshake and a smile. Maintain eye contact with the interviewer and listen carefully to their questions. Active listening is critical to an interview and involves listening attentively and answering appropriately to the questions that you are given. When appropriate, nod your head to express your understanding of the question. It is also a good practice to repeat back the question that you have been asked so that you can be completely clear on what is being asked. By so doing, you show that you are involved in the interview and value what you are being asked.

Before answering any question, take time to consider the question and make sure that you answer completely answers the question. Be positive in talking about your past employers, jobs, and experiences. Such interviewing enthusiasm shows in the way you connect your past experiences to your qualifications. Although you do not want take too much time in talking about why you want to do the job, it is important during the interview to express specifically why you would like the job. Additionally, make sure that the hiring manager knows why you would be better and most fit to fill the position. By listening actively and responding directly, the hiring manager will sense that you are actively involved and that you have interviewing enthusiasm.

Conclude the Interview with Positivity

In most cases during an interview, the hiring manager will ask you if you have any questions. This is the perfect time to ask one or more of the following questions to show your interest in the job.

• When can I expect to hear back about the results of this interview?

• Is there anything that I could do to better prepare myself for the job?

When the interview is finished, make sure to thank each of the interviewers and shake their hands. While you are thanking them, mention how you are excited to have the opportunity to interview for the job and look forward to hearing back from them. Look each of them in the eye and smile at them to make as much of a personal connection with them as possible. After you finish the interview and return home, send them an email thanking them for the interview. By so doing, you show interviewing enthusiasm.

After you have prepared mentally and physically for the interview, listened actively and responded specially to your questions, and concluded the interview with positivity, you will have made a good impression on the interviewers and increased your likelihood of getting the job.

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