Interviewing Accomplishment Samples

Interviewing Accomplishment Samples to Help You Provide Better Answers During Your Interview

Highlighting your accomplishments is an important part of every job interview. The accomplishments you state during your interview will often take center stage and help increase your chances of landing the job. There are many interviewing accomplishment samples that can help you learn how to respond properly during an interview.

When you are discussing your accomplishments, it is a good idea to elaborate. Stories are often helpful to share because they tend to be very memorable. In addition, make sure that your answer provides more detail than your resume or cover letter. This helps the hiring manager get to know you better.

Types of Interview Questions

While interviewing accomplishment samples are important, it is also a good idea to understand that various questions that may be asked during an interview. Most people can easily answer about their accomplishments with traditional interview questions including the following:

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Why should we hire you?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Are you a team player?

In addition to these getting to know you type questions, you will probably be asked behavioral questions. These questions cover your past experiences and they often ask for examples of how you solved problems or used your skills. For example, the hiring manage might ask, “Tell me about a time in your previous job where you acted as a leader and helped the company succeed.”

Many times situational interview questions are asked. These questions are similar to behavioral questions; however, they pertain to a hypothetical situation. For example, you may be asked, “What would you do if you were working with a difficult subordinate?”

It is also common to receive questions about your resume. These questions usually focus on a particular part of your resume and are an opportunity for you to provide more detail about your accomplishments.

Sample Answers

There are many interviewing accomplishment samples that can help you understand how to better answer the questions that come your way during an interview. Here are a few great examples to refer to:

  • Why should we hire you? Obviously, most people will say that they are the best for the job. I know that I can do the job well, but I also think that I have more to offer than any other candidate. When I worked as the marketing director for XYZ Company, I was able to increase sales and promote an atmosphere for creativity to thrive. During my time as Director, the company released several successful products that increased our sales. We also expanded our distribution to meet the needs of consumers. I know that I can help this company succeed just like I did in my past role.
  • Explain a time when you effectively solved a problem at your previous job? When I was hired as CMO, the company was at a stand still and growth had halted. The products that were previously high sellers were struggling. I worked with the marketing department to promote these products and increase their sales. We changed our target audience and were able to increase brand awareness and grow sales among these products. Soon, we started to see growth again.
  • Tell me about your job at XYC Company? I worked as the sales manager and interacted with the salespeople on a daily manner. My job entailed a variety of responsibilities. However, my proudest accomplishment was implementing a training system that increased sales by 10 percent. The company has used this training method for the last few years, and substantial sales growth has been recorded since its inception.

Tips for Presenting Your Accomplishments

In addition to reading over these interviewing accomplishment samples, it is important to understand what separates standard accomplishments from those that will get you hired. First, make sure to choose a theme to concentrate on during the interview. If you are trying to sell the fact that you are detail-oriented, your accomplishment examples should include experiences that demonstrate your strengths in this area.

You can also practice using an accomplishment as a response to a variety of questions. If you can adapt to the questions that are asked and still highlight your top accomplishments, your chances of landing the job will increase.

Finally, remember that while family and personal accomplishments are important, they should not take center stage during an interview. Instead, focus on interviewing accomplishment samples that highlight your strengths in the work field and will motivate the hiring manager to give you a job.

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