Instrumentation Engineer Interview Questions

As an instrumentation engineer, you will be expected to develop, design, install, manage and maintain various engineering systems and equipment. You will be in charge of ensuring that all these systems work properly and recommend changes in order to make them safer and operate more efficiently. Instrumentation engineers are generally employed by environmental agencies and companies interested in renewable energy. In order to get started in this exciting career, you are going to need to ace that initial interview and show the hiring manager that you have what it takes to be a huge asset to the organization.

Questions and Answers for an Instrumentation Engineer Interview

If you are applying to be an instrumentation engineer, you should be ready to talk about the various technical aspects of the position. It is entirely possible for you to be asked questions like:

· What is the difference between delta pressure and differential pressure?

· Discuss the types of valves you are familiar with.

  • What is the difference between CNC and PLC?
  • What does “cryogenic” mean?
  • Discuss the Coriolis Effect.
  • What is flow control?

· Discuss the Just-In-Time production management philosophy.

  • Discuss a control loop and its key components.

If you have worked before as an instrumentation engineer, then answering these questions should come second-nature to you. However, if you are relatively new to the field, then you may need to do some homework. An excellent way to prepare for these questions is to conduct research on the company and the position you are applying for to see what will be expected of you. If you know what kinds of systems you will be working with, then you can narrow down the amount of research you have to do to just be relevant to what you absolutely need to know.

Although technical questions will likely consist of the majority of your interview, you should also be ready to answer more general questions. A common question that can catch job applicants off-guard is: “Why should we hire you?” In order to answer this question effectively, you should jot down a list of your key skills and strengths before the interview so that you can bring them up when needed. You can also talk about how your previous job experience makes you well-qualified for the position.

You will also likely be asked to discuss your strengths and weaknesses. It is important that the strengths you talk about our relevant to the position. Being bilingual can be considered a plus in some circles, but if it not required for the job you are attempting to get, then it does not have to be brought up. Some interviewees get caught off-guard when they are asked to discuss their weaknesses, but there is no need to worry. You can discuss a minor weakness that you have taken steps to correct. You can also discuss a weakness that is actually a secret strength. Brace yourself for these questions before going to your interview so that you can answer them effectively.

Bonus Tips for Your Instrumentation Engineer Interview

One of the most beneficial things you can do before your interview is to have a practice run with a friend or family member. The person helping you can give you notes on areas where you need to improve. You can also be made aware of what questions you need to better prepare for. It is also good to see if you have any bad interview habits like difficulty maintaining eye contact or if you pause too often in your responses. You should also make sure to send a thank you note after your interview. It is possible that there will be multiple interviews as part of the hiring process, and you need to send a nice, well-written letter every time to show your appreciation toward the interviewer for meeting with you.

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