Importance of Your Resume on an Interview

There are certain staple items that are important to have with you during an interview. Your resume is one of those essential items. It serves as a summary of your experience, training, skills and knowledge. As such, most of the time it is a key and essential part in securing an interview. It is clear and easy to see why you should have a detailed, professional-looking one when applying for a job. However, not everyone is aware of how valuable this document can be during the actual interview process. Check out these reasons to keep it handy and a few tips to help keep the process simple.

Why They May Need It

There are a few different reasons why you should bring a few copies of this document for the interviewer. Though the hiring manager will have a line of questioning prepared, it is not set in stone. That is why interviews can be vastly different, even for the same position. In fact, a good interviewer will look over a resume and refer to it to craft questions specific to each individual. Therefore, this document is very important in a quality interview. However, the interviewer may not have had a chance to print it off or may have forgotten it somewhere else in the office. There is also a chance that you may face more than one interviewer at the same time, or may be asked to stick around for a second interview with the boss directly after your first interview. Whatever the case, having a few spare documents for your interview shows initiative and preparation, both strong qualities that the interviewer will notice and appreciate.

Reasons You May Need It

It may sound weird to some, but it can be quite beneficial to keep a designated copy with you during your interview. You might be surprised what you can forget in the heat of the moment. Nervousness may set in and you may draw a blank on a particular question, or you may face an informational question that catches you off guard. Whatever the case may be, having a copy of the document on hand can possibly help to spark your memory and aid you in developing an intelligible answer. It may also help to remind you of specific questions and concerns that you may have about a particular position that you may have forgotten otherwise. Considering the possible benefits, you will definitely want to keep a copy nearby at all times throughout your interview process.

Some Tips

You want to make sure that you maintain a high level of professionalism throughout your interview, even when it comes to presenting and keeping out a copy of your resume. Here are a few tips to consider in relation to it and its use during your interview.

  • Have them in a folder, briefcase or some other professional looking carrier that will keep them clean and unfolded.

  • If you are also carrying other documents, keep your resumes to the front of your carrier for quick and easy access; if the carrier has pockets keep the other documents in the pockets and just slide the resumes in so that you will have no trouble furnishing the copy.

  • Offer it quickly if the interviewer asks about it. Even if they have a copy, let them know that you are prepared with more.

  • For the copy that you will keep with you, keep it clean and undamaged by keeping it in a slip cover or some other protective covering. This way, it can also serve as a backup for an employer if need be.

  • Keep it in your lap during the interview so that you can glance down at it if you need to.

  • When you do find yourself needing a refresher, do not be obvious. Take natural glances down at throughout the interview as not to look suspicious. In fact, if you have time, review it directly before you go into your interview.

    A resume is an essential part of an interview. As such, there are a few different reasons to keep several copies on hand throughout the entire process. Make sure that you are properly prepared with copies for both the interviewer and a clean, designated copy for yourself. Keep them protected and easy to access at all times. If you follow these and the other aforementioned tips, you will be able to utilize this document to its fullest potential.

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