If You Were Hiring A Job-Seeker For This Position, What Qualities Would You Look For?

When you get asked what you would be looking for in a job-seeker, the hiring manager is seeing what you find important. That will tell them what qualities you will strive to bring to the table. It will also show what you would appreciate seeing in co-workers. Do you think education trumps experience Do you think written communication is as valuable as verbal Your answer to this question will give the interviewer insight into qualities that you find important, and who you might get along with.

Points to Emphasize

It’s important for you to point out skills and qualities that you have, but to do it in a way that isn’t bragging.

  • Talk about how important education is. This will show the interviewer that you will continue educating yourself.

  • Point out how goals are necessary. This will be a nice lead into your ambitions within the company.

    • Consider focusing on communication skills.
  • Talk about the importance of finding a team player who can get stuff done.

    Answer in a positive way that shows that you know what the position requires.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    There are a few things you don’t want to bring up in the answer to this question.

  • Do not answer the question by saying you would hire yourself. You need to talk about qualities.

  • Do not put yourself down in the answer. Most hiring managers are looking for people with self-confidence.

  • Don’t talk about qualities that are insignificant in this position. That will make it seem like you aren’t familiar with what the position requires.

  • Be careful to not put down certain qualities. The interviewer is asking what you would look for, not what you would avoid.

    Keeping your answer honest and confident is a must.

    Sample Answer

    Here is a good example of an answer about qualities you would look for in a job-seeker:

    If I were hiring for this position, I would look for someone who is goal-oriented, good at communicating and a hard worker. I think it’s important for people to know where they want to end up, and to have a rough plan for how to get there. Anyone in this position has to be able to communicate with coworkers and clients, so that’s why that’s important. I think they have to be a hard worker because then they can work in a team, but also get things done on their own.

    Remember this type of question will show the interviewer what you find important, and what you have. Make sure to give an intelligent, truthful answer.

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