If I Performed Well At This Company, Where Would I Expect To Be In Five Years?

One of the most telling parts of an interview is when the job-seeker gets to ask questions. When they ask you where they could expect to be in five years if they performed well, they are trying to get a sense of the potential in this company. As a hiring manager, you can take that as a good sign. This question shows that they are interested in growing in your company, if possible. When an interviewee asks a question like this, they want to understand how quickly they could be promoted, what your company values that will lead to promotion and if the company rewards hard work.

Points to Emphasize

Since you want capable candidates to remain interested in working for your company, you want to make sure to highlight certain aspects when you answer this question.

· Explain what the company considers performing well.

· Discuss the possible career paths from this starting position.

· Talk about the likelihood of getting promoted in the company.

· Briefly talk about what the company values in an employee.

By telling the interviewee where they could be in five years, you are helping them decide if this company is a good fit for them or not.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

You also need to make sure to stay away from certain traps.

· Do not give false information. Try to be as accurate as possible.

· Try not to alienate the candidate. If you know what their goals are, do not talk about something that goes against those goals.

· Be careful that you do not give a negative answer. That means you should not talk poorly about the company or anyone associated with the company.

· Try not to give an evasive or vague answer.

You want to give an honest, informative answer because you want to hire someone who is a good fit for the company.

Sample Answer

Here is an example of what a good answer might look like:

At this company we expect good, hard workers. In order to really perform well by our standards you have to be innovative, dedicated and punctual. You have to go above and beyond. If you perform well in this way, you could expect to be promoted within the five year mark. You may even get promoted a couple of times. I have seen hardworking individuals start in this position, and five years later be the head of a department. The company really tries to help people reach their full potential and meet their career goals.

Try to give an answer that puts your company in a positive light, and shows the candidate that it is full of potential.

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