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What to Expect in a Human Resources Interview

Human resources personnel can be anything from a company’s first line of defense against internal conflict to its hiring detail. Companies rely on their HR departments to keep the core of the company together, so they have high standards for those they hire. Interviewees for a human resources job will need much more than a desire for a regular paycheck. The interviewer will make sure you are up to the task of dealing with daily stresses of the human resources department.

Passion for working with others, conflict resolution, and managing policy will be important to emphasize in your interview. Those without zeal for these positions can become easily burned out, and the last thing a company wants to do is rehire for a positon. While you present your experience with people and policy, be sure to show off how much you enjoy it, too.

Tips to Remember

Your interviewer will be looking for general signs of professionalism in the way you dress and present yourself, but they will be more concerned in your ability to manage human resources tasks. Here are some tips to remember when interviewing:

· Come with a list of times you hired a quality worker, resolved conflict between people in the workplace, or helped a company get back on track with their policy regulations.

· Share how you felt after accomplishing those tasks and how they motivated you to be better.

· Be open about past mistakes on the job and how those mistakes made you a better employee.

· Be confident in your answers, but steer clear from being prideful about your accomplishments or weaknesses. Honest self-evaluation is an important part of any human resources job.

Remember to research standard interview questions, as well. Preparing yourself to answer these questions will come in handy.

General Skills to Highlight

A human resources position can mean you will do a wide range of tasks. You may be responsible for only one, a few, or all of these tasks, so it is important to highlight how these general skills work in all aspects of the job.

  • Time management – Study and follow policy, and keep track of paperwork and appointments in a timely manner.
  • Confidence – Be able to stand by your decisions in the face of disgruntled employees while remaining polite.
  • Critical thinking – Interview and choose the best hires for the company and find the best ways to resolve conflict.
  • Multitasking – Accomplish multiple different tasks successfully and on time.

It is important to emphasize your passion in relation to the human resources experience you have. A successful interview will likely follow.

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