How Would You React If You Received A Resume Like Mine For A Position With This Company?

Informational interviews are not meant to be normal job interviews, but you might be asked something along the lines of: “How would you react if you received a resume like mine for a position with this company”

This question is very similar to being asked, “Can you look at my resume and offer any suggestions” However, the interviewer is more directly asking about what things you are looking for when there is a job opening. Your response can give the interviewer valuable information about what kinds of skills need to be emphasized, what kinds of experiences need to be gained and whether or not the right path is being taken.

Points to Emphasize

When asked to look over someone’s resume, you should keep the following aspects in mind.

  • Give your honest feedback
  • Emphasize on what information is most important to you

  • Offer suggestions on how they can improve their resume

  • When a resume looks good, feel free to ask if you can keep the resume on file

    Although the person interviewing you may not be looking for a job at this time, it can still help to keep the resume around in case something does come up.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    Giving your honest appraisal is all this question really needs, so just keep an eye out for these common mistakes.

  • Don’t be too harsh with your feedback (always be constructive)

  • Don’t rudely decline looking at their resume (if you need to, decline politely)

  • Don’t say nothing is wrong if changes need to be made

  • Avoid saying anything that would dash the interviewer’s hopes of getting a job in this field

    It is vital to remain positive for any interview. Being honest yet constructive is the best policy when it comes to making recommendations on improving a potential employee’s resume.

    Sample Answer

    When asked for input regarding a resume, you should definitely frame your response like this:

    [After looking over the resume]

    Well, my reaction would be that this applicant has the basics of what we are looking for, but some of the finer details are missing. You have the right amount of education and some key skills that would make you great at this company, but your work experience is in fields that are not related at all. I would suggest finding ways to relate your experiences at past jobs to what would be required of you at this job in order to really make an impression.

    As a leader in your field, an interviewer is going to take any suggestions you give seriously, so make your recommendations count when discussing resumes.

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