How Would You Go About Establishing Your Credibility Quickly With The Team?

When an interviewer asks how you will establish credibility with the team, they are trying to address the issue of fitting in. One of the goals of an interview is to see if you will fit in at the company. This question forces you to think about what you would do to help yourself fit in and become a trusted worker. Hiring managers are also trying to gauge your planning and problem-solving skills. These are both important skills for most positions. The way you answer the question shows the interviewer if you have the experience to do the job well and fit in.

Points to Emphasize

When you answer this question, highlight relevant knowledge, experience and abilities.

  • Talk about tools you would use to establish credibility such as asking questions to understand the situation or implementing a 30 day plan.

  • Discuss the skills you have that make you a capable employee.

  • If you are interviewing for a managerial position, make sure to emphasize your planning and problem-solving skills.

  • Talk about the importance of building a relationship with your team.

    By focusing on what you do well and how you would use those skills to establish credibility with the team, you show that you can think quickly and work well with others.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    Make sure to avoid these traps when answering the question.

  • Do not act like you know exactly what to do. Quick, decisive fixes may make the team trust you less.

  • Try not to focus on qualities that the company does not value.

    • Do not talk negatively about anyone.
    • Be careful not to sound arrogant in your answer.

    Keep your answer positive and informative.

    Sample Answer

    Here is an example of what a great answer might look like:

    The first thing I would do to establish credibility with the team is ask questions. I only know what the company website told me, and since that doesn’t give me a whole picture, I would want to make sure that I have the whole picture before I try to establish any sort of credibility. I would also have a preliminary 30 day plan, and that’s something that we can go over if you are interested. Once I have a bigger picture I would implement that plan, or a version of it that will help the most. Most importantly, I would do my job. I think that my hard work and knowledge will speak volumes to the team.

    Remember, this question shows the interviewer how you solve problems and work with others. Make sure to give an answer that shows your best attributes.

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