How Do You Feel About Working For Someone Who Knows Less Than You?

When interviewers ask that question they are trying to see if you are open minded. They are also looking to see if you will be likely to take direction well and work as a team. As such, it is important that you provide a thoughtful answer to this inquiry.

Points to Emphasize
In answering this question you want to present yourself as a team player, and someone who is able to work with and under different people.

  • Show and understanding of people having different expertise, and how you would be open to share your knowledge as well as learn from others.

  • Express your driving desire to contribute to group efforts to meet the overall goals of the company.

    • Keep your statements positive and optimistic.
    • Focus on your ability to work with a diverse group of people.

    Make sure that in your answer you show that you are dedicated to building others up and progressing company efforts.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid
    It is important that you appear manageable and flexible. In such efforts, try to avoid the following missteps.

    • Stay clear of sounding like a know-it-all.
    • Do not recant negative experiences related to the question.
    • Do not use judgmental sounding language.
  • Do not try to utilize this question as your chance to express why you would be a better choice as a manager.

    However you answer this question, do not take it lightly. It is commonly used as a gauge to see how well you handle authority, which could mean the difference between you receiving the job or not.

    Sample Answer

    A great answer to this question might sound like:

    I trust that the individual over me has skills and traits that make them fit for the position. Though I may feel that I am more knowledgeable in certain areas, I’m sure that there are also areas that the individual is more skilled in. I would embrace the opportunity to learn and hone my skills while contributing my expertise.

    You want to make sure that you keep your response positive and focused on how you would still be of benefit to the company, no matter who you are working with.

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