How Would You Assess Your Prestige Or Level Of Status In This Job? In The Company?

A common question to assess your preparedness would be, “How would you assess your prestige or level of status in this job, or in the company” In asking this question, an interviewer is evaluating your perception of the job that you are applying for, as well as how well you understand the structure of the company. These are two very important things to be clear about concerning the job.

Points to Emphasize
There are a few points that you will want to emphasize in your answer to this question.

  • State the specific level that you believe the job would be at.
  • Provide supporting facts to why you believe you would be at a certain level.

  • Show confidence in being able to fulfill the role at the level that you feel you would be at.

    • Share a desire to grow and advance past that particular level.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid
    Along with highlighting certain things, there are a few mistakes that you will want to avoid as well.

  • Even if you are not completely sure of the status or level of the position, do not make something up.

  • Avoid showing disappointment for being at a lower position than you would like.

  • Do not try to pump yourself up by stating that the position should be at a higher level than it is.

    • Do not try to breeze over the question by providing a vague answer.

    The best way to avoid these pitfalls is to be knowledgeable about the position and humble in your response.

    Sample Answer

    A proper answer to this question might sound like this:

    In the customer service manager position, I would view my level of status as a mid-level employee. Seeing as I am overseeing the entry-level employees I would be above that status, however, I would still report to the general manager, so I still have some room to grow. I would look forward to working hard and growing in the position, then advancing to a higher management position in the future.

    Make sure that your answer is thoughtful and accurate as possible. Doing your research and being knowledgeable about both the position and company are critical in properly answering this question.

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