How Well Did Your College Experience Prepare You For This Job?

When a hiring manager asks this question or one like it, he or she hopes to learn that the affiliations, projects, and interactions in which you involved yourself in college helped make you both a better employee and more committed to achieving goals. Answering this question thoroughly and carefully gives you the chance to remark on personal situations that fortified your commitment to hard work and attention to detail.

Your interviewer hopes to gain some insight into your nature and your ability to adapt. Your response will help him or her to understand who you are as both a learner and worker.

Points to Emphasize

Your response acts as your best chance to highlight your most significant skills and characteristics.

  • Discuss your academic, extracurricular, and social activities.

  • Talk about times youserved in supportive roles and those which put you in position of leader.

  • Explain how your personal traits and skills were developed and honed by your time in college.

  • Identify those characteristics that make you the best candidate for the job.

Your answer should reflect your personal creativity. Take the time to explain how participating in educational and social experiences at the college level helped you bridge from one age and ability to another more mature one.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

Remember that every answer you give reveals some aspect of your personality. While college has helped you to learn to accomplish work in your field, not all college experiences should be discussed with potential hirers. Be careful to avoid certain traps in answering this question.

  • Do not share expositions on wild social experiences.

  • Do not focus on negative experiences over positive ones.

  • Do not give detailed accounts of unpleasant interactions with acquaintances, teachers, or employers.

  • Do not dedicate your response to anecdotes that have no substantial bearing.

Try to deliver a concise, succinct description that focuses on 3 to 5 traits developed or improved in college to make you a better employee.

Sample Answer

The perfect response to a question asking how well prepared to perform your job college experience made you may sound something like this:

Life has taught me that every experience one comes through has the potential to improve her to make her better at what she does. One of the most significant experiences I enjoyed in college was the opportunity to build homes for those in need. Through this, I developed an understanding of volunteering, teamwork, and how doing your job well results in deep rewards.

While it may seem impossible to describe the benefits of your college experience briefly, focusing on the highlights will help to demonstrate your ability to accomplish a great deal efficiently.

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