How Does The Company Recognize Outstanding Accomplishment Of Its Employee?

When you are interviewing a prospective employee, it is very common for them to ask questions about the job. Sometimes they even ask about the company, its benefits, and any incentive programs. For example, an interviewee may ask, “How does the company recognize outstanding accomplishments of its employees”

Interviewees who ask this question often want to know what they will receive for a job well done. A paycheck is an obvious benefit, but many companies offer other incentives to motivate their employees to perform well.

Points to Emphasize

Questions about employee recognition should be taken seriously. It is important to provide the interviewee with detailed information that will make the job sound more appealing.

  • Highlight any growth opportunities that may be available to an employee who performs well.

  • Discuss examples of employees who have performed well and moved up with the company.

  • Mention any reward incentives available such as extra time off, free lunches, discounted movie tickets, or other perks.

  • Review the company’s plan for bonuses and how they are allocated each year.

  • Talk about possible awards that an employee can earn because of good performance.

    Some companies have more obvious ways to recognize an employee who performs well. If yours are not as obvious, make sure to emphasize the reasons your company values good performance.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    It is completely okay if your company does not have a full-scale recognition program that honors an “employee of the month.” However, you need to be sure to talk positively about employee recognition, so the interviewee feels confident about the job opportunity. In particular, make sure to avoid the following mistakes.

  • Do not say that the company does not have a recognition program.

  • Avoid making it sound like the company views your salary as recognition enough.

  • Do not suggest that you have never been recognized for your performance.

  • Be careful to sound vague or provide an answer with lots of “umms.”

    If you are not sure what to say when an interviewee asks this question, it may be a good idea to talk about the way you receive recognition, even if it is through feedback.

    Sample Answer

    The answer to questions about employee recognition may sound something like this:

    Employees are constantly recognized for their performance everyday. Sometimes recognition is through simple methods like manager feedback. Other times, employees are rewarded with free lunches or extra time off. The company also awards bonuses every year.

    Keep your answer positive and informative. Also, try to sound encouraging so the interviewee is excited about working for the company.

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