How Rapidly Do People Move To The Next Level In This Career

The questions that interviewees ask can reveal more about the candidate than the questions interviewers ask them. Knowing the best way to respond and which questions are excellent follow up questions can be a great interview tool.

Many interviewees will ask, “How rapidly do people move to the next level in this career. This shows that the candidate is interested in advancement. It also shows the level of dedication and motivation that they will bring to the position.

Points to Emphasize

If an interviewee is asking about advancement, it is usually a very good sign. Be sure to give them useful information so they can foster their careers.

  • Be specific. In addition to how rapidly others advance, it is a good idea to include information about how they could move forward.

  • Be positive. You do not yet know how much potential they will show. Even if you doubt they have what it takes to be a manager, you should be optimistic about it.

  • Be honest. If there are requirements that are less appealing, they need to know. This also tests how committed they are to advancing.

  • Be encouraging. They will be more eager to perform well if they are working toward moving up.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    While this question is an excellent opportunity to learn about the candidate, there are still many mistakes you can make. Avoid these common pitfalls.

  • Do not exaggerate. Advancing their careers is a reasonable goal, so the path to do so should also be reasonable. Exaggerating about the requirements is discouraging, not prompting a challenge.

  • Do not dismiss the question. Even if you are not looking to advance any employees, you can learn a great deal from their reaction to your answer.

  • Do not give false hope. They will likely need to work for a long period of time before being promoted. Make this clear.

  • Do not rush your answer. Show that the company cares about the success of its employees.

    Sample Answer

    Your answer will be specific to your company and the position you are interviewing for, but the following can serve as an example of a strong answer.

    It is pretty common for the employees that advance to the management level to work two to three years before being promoted. Those that stand out are able to spend the majority of that time taking on as much work as they feel comfortable doing and putting out high quality results. If you’re hired and are interested in advancement, you should get some advice from a current manager.

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