How Optimistic Are You About The Company’s Future And Your Future With The Company?

When you’re conducting a job interview, you may have an applicant ask a question like, “How optimistic are you about the company’s future and your future with the company”

An applicant may ask this question to get a sense of the longevity of the company. Asking the hiring manager about his level of optimism can give the applicant insight into management’s morale. He may want to avoid working for a company in which those in charge aren’t confident in the company’s continued success.

Points to Emphasize

To answer this question effectively, you’ll want to be honest while also showing positivity.

  • Discuss specific ways the company operates that add to your optimism regarding its future.

  • Reassure the applicant that you intend to stay with the company for the foreseeable future.

  • Discuss ways in which you are personally happy with the company and satisfied with your work.

  • Show excitement for the products or services the company is able to give to its clients.

    The applicant wants concrete answers that help back up your positivity, so you can use this opportunity to talk up the company.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    If you’re not prepared for this question ahead of time, you could misinterpret what the applicant is asking. In order to have the most effective answer possible, avoid these common mistakes:

  • Never say that you aren’t optimistic about the company’s future or your future with it.

  • Don’t answer this question flippantly, as the applicant is trying to gauge whether or not he can see himself with the company long-term.

  • Avoid being vague in your answer, as this could signal to the applicant that you aren’t in fact optimistic about the company.

  • Even if you plan to leave soon, avoid painting the company in a negative light; focus on what the company does well.

    As a general rule, your answer shouldn’t be either false or negative.

    Sample Answer

    Below is an excellent example of an answer regarding one’s optimism about the company’s future:

    Since we launched five years ago, we’ve seen steady increases in our client base and in our subsequent revenue. We’ve expanded from a company of five to one that employs around thirty people. We have a solid yearly plan in place that helps us stay on track to meet quotas and to keep us accountable. My time with the company has been very well spent, and I have no plans to seek work elsewhere.

    Remember, when an applicant asks questions of the hiring manager, he is trying to glean as much information as possible in order to make an informed decision. This question is one that can help him choose the right job.

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