How Long Would You Expect To Work For Us If Hired

When you go into a job interview, a hiring manager will ask you a series of probing question to figure out if you are the best candidate for the company. You may hear something a the lines of, “How long would you expect to work for us if hired” Potential employers must ask about your expected timeline to determine whether hiring you is a good investment. Some positions are short term by nature. Alternatively, other jobs deal with long-term projects that rely on a dependable longstanding team. Remember to be truthful about your current time line.

Points to Emphasize

Relate your answer to the question back to the well being of the enterprise.

  • Talk about how your past work experiences have prepared you for a long- or short-term position.

  • If you might move because of a military spouse or other reason, be honest in your response.

  • Emphasize any skills that will help you be effective during your time with the company.

  • If you can, say how your timeline makes you a good candidate for the job.

    Give a positive answer. This will assure the hiring manager or interview panel that you are ready to contribute to the company either in the long term or the short term.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    Avoid curt or short responses. You do not need to give a speech, but you do want to give the impression that you are excited for the position.

  • Do not imply that your continued work with the company is dependent on money or the existence of better offers.

  • Do not forget to relate your work to future benefits for the enterprise.

  • Be careful to answer confidently when asked how long you will be in a potential position.

  • Do not mislead the hiring manager about how long you intend to stay with the business.

    Honesty is always desirable in an employee, so do not answer the question evasively.

    Sample Answer

    Great answers to the question of how long of you’ll remain with a company are:

    I’m confident that this company can offer me a fulfilling and exciting career and I want to remain with you as long as I’m having a positive impact on the enterprise.

    My spouse is in the military, but we don’t expect to relocate for at least 3 years. Until such time, I would like to work with the company in a mutually beneficial capacity.

    Your interviewers want to get to know you as a candidate, so answer their questions thoroughly. Be honest about your short-term or long-term plans and let your enthusiasm shine through your responses.

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