How Easy Or Difficult Do You Think It Might Be To Make A Transition From My Current Career To Your Career?

If you know someone who is trying to transition to a new career, they might have a few questions for you. When they ask how easily you think they’d be able to transition into your career, they want to know about the skills you use daily, about the training they might need and if you think they would be able to succeed in your career field. It’s important that when you answer this question you give them as much information as possible. Who knows, this could be a future employee for your company. Because you want to give them a detailed answer there are certain points you want to emphasize and some points you want to circumvent.

Points to Emphasize

Be sure to highlight these facts to give them the best answer you can.

· Talk about similarities between their current career and your career.

· Discuss major differences.

· If you know of any examples, talk about people who have made the transition.

· Also, give them a list of important skills and experiences that would help them succeed in your career field.

Changing careers is a big life move. Giving an informative answer will help them make the best decision they are able to.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

Try to avoid these common pitfalls when you answer this question.

· Do not alienate them with your answer. Even if you think it will be difficult for them to transition, try to be positive.

· Be careful that you do not speak poorly of anyone in your company, your company in general or any competitors.

· Try not to give an evasive or vague answer.

· Don’t give the answer you think they want to hear. Give them a straightforward, honest answer.

Telling them honestly and positively about your career will help them figure out if this is a good long-term career path for them.

Sample Answer

Here is an example of what a great answer to this question might look like:

Editing and advertising might seem like really different career paths, but there are some similar skillsets needed. You have to have critical thinking skills, you have to be able to notice minute details, it is always good to be hardworking and it’s important to be diligent and dedicated. There are of course certain things you would have to learn, if you are truly serious about making the switch to advertising, but I think it would be a pain free transition.

Be clear about your answer. Honestly let them know how you think the transition would be. Don’t forget that you could be shaping a future.

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