How Does The Company Evaluate Your Job Performance

While you are conducting an interview, it is particularly common for the interviewee to ask questions. These questions are a way for them to get to know more about the job opportunity. Sometimes the questions involve job performance and employee evaluations. For example, the interviewee may want to know “how does the company evaluate job performance”

This question is a great opportunity to discuss what is expected of the employee, how often they will be evaluated, and the possible growth opportunities that are available if the employee performs well.

Points to Emphasize

If you receive this type of question, it is a good idea to also review the job description. This helps the prospective employee understand what is required for good performance. In addition, make sure to address the following:

  • Talk about any performance evaluations the company conducts and how frequently they will be.

  • Review what is monitored on a performance evaluation.

  • Discuss who is responsible for monitoring the employee’s performance.

  • Highlight the reasons the company feels it is important to monitor performance.

  • Talk about growth opportunities or promotions that may result from positive reviews.

    If your company offers rewards for good performance, make sure to mention them. This is a great incentive for an interviewee, and it may motivate them to accept the job offer.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    A company often requires performance evaluations; however, they can be intimidating to an employee. Therefore, make sure to avoid saying anything that will cause worry or stress to the interviewee.

    • Avoid discussing negative employee reviews.
  • Do not make it sound like it is impossible to receive a good evaluation.

  • It is best to avoid statements that are vague in an effort to avoid answering this question.

  • Avoid talking about people who have been fired because of bad performance.

    Make sure to be honest in your response and positive at the same time. It is okay that the individual understands they have to work hard for a good review. However, make sure they do not feel hopeless or like one bad review can jeopardize their job.

    Sample Answer

    When you are asked about performance evaluations, provide a helpful and detailed answer.

    Performance is monitored on a daily basis, and employees are rewarded when they do well. Each year, you will also receive an official evaluation conducted by your manager. The company often uses these to determine salaries and promotions.

    Remember, it is common for companies to evaluate performance and most employees understand this. The interviewee just wants to know what more about how these evaluations works so they can perform well.

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