How Do You Rate Me As An Interviewer?

A very common question to receive at the end of the interview is: “How do you think I rate as an interviewer”

At first, it might seem the answer you want to give is, “Perfect!” However, this could work to your disadvantage because the interviewer might just think you are trying to please him or her. Instead, hiring managers are looking to see if you have actually been paying attention throughout the duration of the interview. You should pay them a sincere compliment, and as always, you never want to be negative.

Points to Emphasize

Your answer does not have to be long-winded and complex, but it should portray the interview as a whole in a positive light.

  • Discuss qualities of the interview and compliment them

    • Focus on what was productive or what you liked
    • Remain positive
  • Rate the interview with your words instead of with a number

    Even if you had problems with the interview, now is not the time to discuss them. Rather than criticizing about what did not work, you should focus on what did work so that your prospective employer knows what to keep for future interviews.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    It is easy to fall into some common traps with this question, so plan ahead and avoid falling into them.

  • Avoid giving a numerical rating because even a perfect 10 could be seen as bad

  • Don’t mention anything negative about the interview

    • Don’t talk about aspects of the interviewer
    • Don’t offer any negative or constructive criticism

    Although hiring managers value honesty, being too honest can work against you if you are overly critical of the interview. Give an honest appraisal that portrays the interview in a positive way.

    Sample Answer

    Be prepared to address the interview by giving an answer along the lines of this:

    You have been very thorough with your questions, and I feel I have a better understanding of the position after talking with you. The questions were incredibly in-depth, and I know that if I am offered the position, I would be working with some competent co-workers who have had to go through this same process.

    With this response, it is clear that you are actually thinking about the interview and not just giving an answer you think the interviewer wants to hear. This is exactly what needs to be done to show that you are not a simple people-pleaser, but you are also showing that you are capable of critical thinking and can give an honest answer to a question that might make some people very nervous.

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