How Do You Feel About Working Nights And Weekends?

Some businesses require employees to work around the clock, so it is not unusual to be asked, “How do you feel about working nights and weekends” during a job interview.

This question is a good way to see who would actually be dedicated to the job. Some people may have no problems whatsoever committing to a varying work schedule. However, you also do not want to lie if working nights and weekends would be a problem. Ultimately, you should answer this question in a way that shows you would be dedicated to the position regardless of what your schedule would be like.

Points to Emphasize

As you are answering this question, it is important to keep in mind the needs of the company and how you would be an asset whenever you work.

  • If you have no problem working a hectic schedule, say so

  • Make sure to mention what would be preventing you from working nights and weekends if it would be a problem (example: family responsibilities)

    • Be honest about your availability
  • Emphasize your desire to obtain the position and how you would benefit the company

    Honesty is vital with this question. You do not want to agree to a schedule that would be an inconvenience, but you also want to reaffirm your desire to work at the company.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    It is easy to make a simple mistake when answering this question, so avoid any common pitfalls.

    • Don’t flat-out say “No”
  • Be straightforward with your response and don’t give an answer that’s wishy-washy

  • Don’t lie and say that schedule works if it genuinely doesn’t

  • Don’t forget to mention the reason why that schedule wouldn’t work

    Hiring managers value honesty, so be upfront with what schedule would work best for you.

    Sample Answer

    Your answer can be as simple as:

    Yes, that schedule works perfectly for me!

    However, if your situation is a little more complex, a good response should look like:

    I would be willing to come in if there’s a project that needs to be completed on time; however, with my family, I would prefer not regularly working on night or weekends. Would it be possible to handle some extra work at home so that I can provide great work for you but also spend time with my kids

    Many employers will be willing to work with you if you have other responsibilities. A qualified candidate with a busy schedule is often more desirable than an unqualified candidate who is able to work any time. Your skills are ultimately what should matter most.

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