How Do You Define Continuous Improvement

Many interview questions are a little misleading. There may be a piece of information they are trying to get that the question does not directly address. If you know what is really being asked, you will be able to give stronger answers.

The question, “How do you define continuous improvement may seem a little vague at first. You should define continuous improvement, but it is more important that you demonstrate that you are willing to improve. Continuous improvement is usually a method of combating sliding efficiency as employees settle into their jobs. The interviewer wants to make sure you will be able to consistently perform as a high level.

Points to Emphasize

Keep what the employer means when he says continuous improvement. Focus your answer around this definition.

  • Remember to start by defining continuous improvement. It can be easy to skip right to how you are willing implement it and forget to actually answer the question.

  • A big part of continuous improvement is review and criticism. You should make it clear that you are open to being reviewed so you can do your job better.

  • If you are being interviewed for a management position, you should emphasize how you will implement continuous improvement in your employees.

  • Conclude your answer with reassurance that you fit the continuous improvement model.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    This is a complicated question. It can be easy to get sidetracked or to lose focus on what is being asked. Try to avoid these common mistakes.

  • Do not spend the entire answer defining the term. There is more to the question than the definition, so define it briefly and move on to the implications.

  • Some employees may want to portray themselves as a complete expert. No matter how qualified you are, being open to improvement demonstrates a willingness to learn, which is very appealing.

  • Do not get too complicated. Continuous improvement is a pretty simple concept, so keep your definition simple.

  • Do not act immune to the concept. Even if you are interviewing to be a manager, continuous improvement should apply to everyone.

    Sample Answer

    When answering this question, you should try to make your answer sound something like this:

    To me, continuous improvement is an attitude. Recognizing that there are ways you can improve yourself and taking the steps to become better at your job. I always try to exhibit this attitude. I welcome review and constructive criticism if it will allow me to improve myself. I do not think there is a point when continuous improvement stops being important either.

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