How Did You Hear About This Position?

In asking this question, interviewers are judging if you are an active or passive job seekers. Those who appear eager for the position may be perceived as more willing to put forth the needed effort to fulfill the position. Considering this, you want to be strategic in the way you answer this question.

Points to Emphasize
Depending upon how you heard about the position, there are different ways that you can answer the question. Still, there are certain points to mention that can help you to properly answer such type of inquiry.

  • Clearly state the source from which you heard of the position, but do not go into elaborate detail, other than the name of the individual, company or resource.

    • Explain what aspects drew you to the position.
    • Briefly state why you feel qualified for the job.
    • Express your excitement about the possibility of obtaining the position.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid
    Review these mistakes to avoid when answering this question.

  • Even if you heard about the position from an employ, do not go into great detail about your relationship with that employee.

    • Do not give vague one word answers.
  • If you do not recall what job board you found the position through, do not dwell on that fact or make something up.

  • If you heard of a job from an employee who is on rocky terms with the company or recently departed on negative terms, do not mention their name.

    Sample Answer

    One way to properly answer inquiries about how you heard about the position might be:

    I heard about this position through a current employee, Jane Doe. She was a previous co-worker of mine at XYZ Company where I served as a project manager. After reviewing the position and researching the company, I felt qualified to fulfill the position and excited about the possibility of joining such a reputable company.

    Remember, the question is asking more than just who sent you. Make sure that you address why you applied to the position and how you qualify. Addressing these things can help to avoid certain additional questions and possibly help you to secure the position.

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