How Could You Have Improved Your Career Progress?

When asking this question interviewers are probing to see how much thought and effort you have put into your career so far. This usually serves a gauge to determine how much effort you will put into a job with the company, so it is important that you provide a well thought out, intelligible answer.

Points to Emphasize
You want to make sure that you show that you are constantly striving for progress. In accomplishing this task there are a few points that you can emphasize.

  • Show a desire for continued growth and success.
  • In the areas that you feel you can improve, share how you are making strides to progress.

  • Acknowledge your mistakes and show an understanding of better ways to handle the situations or ways in which you have learned and developed from them.

    • If you have greatly overcome certain pitfalls, be sure to mention that.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid
    With the way in which this question is posed, it can be easy to fall into a wormhole. Below are a few mistakes to avoid.

  • Do not try to pump yourself up by bragging about what you are happy with achieving in your career so far.

    • Do not say that you are content with where you are.
  • Stay away from vague, general answers; this may make you seem like you are hiding things.

  • Even if you have failed and learned from your mistakes, do not focus on the negative.

    Sample Answer

    A good example of an answer to questions about your career progress would be:

    Throughout my career I have constantly strived to learn and grow to become the best administrative professional that I can. In the past I would not always assert myself or share ideas for new concepts, however in my last position I was in charge of several projects where I had to utilized my creative capacity and be able to effectively communicate with the team. I now see how these skills not only can contribute to my career, but also to the advancement of company goals.

    Remember, you want to always leave the interviewer with a positive. Though you may be sharing your faults, you also want to highlight your triumphs, all while giving a concise answer.

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