How Can Employees Prepare For Any Planned Changes At The Company?

When a prospective employee asks you a question about the company’s future, they are trying to get a feel for the company’s values. If a company lets their employees know about upcoming changes, and helps them prepare for those changes, it might be a good place to work. So, when a candidate asks you how employees can prepare for planned changes, they are trying to ascertain if the upper management thinks about how the changes will affect everyone. Have you thought of preparations that employees can do, so they don’t get left behind after the changes

Points to Emphasize

Whether or not there are any planned changes in the company’s immediate future, you want to be sure to answer this question by highlighting some important points.

  • Talk about any public planned changes that the company has.

  • Discuss how the company foresees employees preparing for these changes.

  • If applicable, talk about how employees are being encourage to prepare, and maybe even led in the preparations.

  • If there aren’t any planned changes, you can still talk about how the company would go about preparing employees.

    Give an honest answer, but one that will show the candidate just how much the company values its employees.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    Avoid these pitfalls when you answer this question.

  • Try not to badmouth anyone at the company or the company itself.

  • Do not alienate the interviewee with your answer.

  • Be careful that you do not make it seem like the company does not value its employees.

  • Try not to give an answer that is too vague or evasive.

    This can be a difficult question, but answer it as honestly and positively as you can.

    Sample Answer

    Here is an example of what a great answer to this question might look like:

    Whenever the company has big plans for change, we try to help prepare our employees. Depending on the change, there are different ways we go about doing that. In some instances, we hold seminars to teach new technology and/or brief employees on the change. No matter what the change is, we feel it is important to keep all of the employees in the loop. The company wants everyone to feel secure and happy in their work environment. We also encourage communication. We believe that employees should feel free to ask questions because that will help us better prepare them.

    Give an answer that shows that the company cares for their employees. Make it clear that this is a great company to work for. You do not want to turn the candidates away from the position.

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