Hotel & Hospitality Interview Questions

What to Expect In a Hotel & Hospitality Interview

When you interview for a job in the hotel & hospitality field, your interviewers will be interested in finding out how well you enjoy working with people. They will probably ask you many different questions to see how well you can handle a variety of situations that could come up when you are working with the public.

The person interviewing you will want to see how well you work under pressure and determine whether you can handle the stress involved when a deadline looms or problems appear. He or she will want to make sure that you are a good listener and are willing and able to help clients with their issues. Questions may be designed to see how well you get along with co-workers as well as with customers.

Tips to Remember

Even though it is difficult to know in advance what questions you will be asked, there are a few tips you can follow to help you prepare for a hotel & hospitality interview:

· Be confident – practice your answers to questions you think might be asked so that you can answer confidently, but not with a cocky or overbearing attitude.

· Provide examples – be prepared to give examples of times that you have handled a particular problem or dealt with difficult jobs, colleagues or clients.

· Stand out – help the interviewer learn something different and favorable about you that will help you stand out from other interviewees, whether by the way you dress or your demeanor.

Go the extra mile and research the company or position you are applying for. In this way you can align yourself better with the values and expectations of a company that you want to build a career with.

General Skills to Highlight

Although a hotel & hospitality interview will contain many of the usual questions; the employer is looking for someone who will stand out above the rest and provide skills that the average person may not have. You need to highlight some general skills to let them know you are ready and prepared. Some of these may include:

  • Creativity

    – demonstrate how you can handle problems that may arise

  • Organization

    – whether it is an easy-going or a high-paced business, show that you can keep things organized and running smoothly

  • Ambition

    – show that you fully expect to put forth your best efforts to help their company grow

In a hotel & hospitality interview, you want to leave the interviewer with a lasting impression of your confidence, experience and expertise. It is also important to demonstrate that you are willing to learn and develop additional skills within their company.

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