Have You Held Positions Similar To This One?

In asking this question interviewers are asking what skills you have that will help you to fulfill the job requirements. It is important that you are able to display your aptitude to meet the needs of the positions you are applying for.

Points to Emphasize
In an effort to answer this question correctly, there a few points that you should emphasize:

  • Mention any jobs that you have had that are similar to the one you are interviewing for.

    • Highlight your skills that you utilized in fulfilling the positions.
    • If you received any rewards or special recognitions, state that.
  • If you have not held a similar position, focus on positions where you have utilized key skills for position you are currently applying for.

    You not only want to show that you have the aptitude to complete the job, but also actual experience in applying those skills or training.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid
    There are a few mistakes that you should avoid when answering this question.

  • Do not try to breeze over this question if you do not have previous work experience similar to the position you are applying to.

  • Even if you did not like a previous position that was similar, do not share your distaste for the position, or any position for that matter.

    • Do not just list similar positions you have had without sharing detail.
  • Stay away from mentioning positions that are not truly related, even if you received high recognition in them.

    You do not want to come off as unknowledgeable, but you also do not want to seem braggadocios. You must find a balance and show you are an efficient worker.

    Sample Answer

    A sample answer to questions about your previous relatable experience might read similar to this:

    Yes, I have previously held positions that are similar to this job. I was a manager for a retail store for three years and served as a sales representative for two years before that. Through my positions I have managed store operations, projects and team members. I also assisted various customers with their needs, as well as resolved any customer or staff issues.

    Overall, you want to display your ability to fulfill this position through the skills and abilities that you have previously displayed.

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