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What you wear to a job interview is just as important as what you don’t wear. The interviewer uses your attire to get a sense of who you are. While inappropriate clothing will distract the interviewer from what you have to say, wearing the right clothes can help the interviewer focus on you instead of what’s on your body. You have no doubt put thought and energy into the position you’re applying for, so you don’t want to sell yourself short by not putting energy into your interview clothes as well.

When you interview for a job, you want to dress as nice as possible. Even if you’re applying for an entry-level position, or for a volunteer position as a high school student, looking put together helps show the interviewer that you have the ability to take yourself and others seriously. If you don’t dress professionally on a normal basis this may feel strange at first, but once you have your first positive interview, it will feel completely normal.

What Type of Shirt Guys Should Wear to a Job Interview

While this may seem silly, a shirt is the closest thing to your face, and your face is what the interviewer will be paying the most attention to. As you talk, the interviewer will periodically shift his gaze, as most people do when engaged in conversation. Therefore, the shirt you pick should complement you and add to your credibility instead of detracting from it. Avoid shirts that are ripped, faded or stained. Don’t wear t-shirts or shirts without sleeves. Choose a shirt that doesn’t have a distracting pattern, and one without large logos or wording.

  • Wear a collared shirt. This can be either a polo or a button down.

  • Ties are always appropriate for an interview, but they’re not required for most entry-level jobs.

  • Short sleeves may be appropriate depending on the job your applying for, for instance food service or janitorial.

  • Unless you’re wearing a shorter-length polo, always tuck in your shirt.

    A shirt is your statement piece, whether you’d like it to be or not. Once the interview is over and you’ve gotten the job, the interviewer will get to know more of your individuality. Depending on the job you have, you may be able to dress down for it on a regular basis. For the interview itself, however, guys should do their best to dress for the job they want, or even the job higher than the one they want.

    What Type of Pants Guys Should Wear to a Job Interview

    Selecting the right style of pants for a job interview can also be difficult. Avoid jeans, corduroy pants, shorts or sweats. You also want to avoid wearing pants that are faded, ripped, torn or stained. Black jeans or very dark blue jeans are appropriate for some job interviews as long as they aren’t too tight or too low-waisted. If the jeans look more like tailored slacks than jeans, they are often okay to wear.

  • Choose tailored pants with a soft, cotton fabric, such as khakis.

  • Choose standard colors like blue, brown, grey or black.

  • Make sure the pants are properly hemmed so they don’t touch the floor.

    • A belt can add another layer of sophistication.
    • Wear dress shoes or black sneakers.

    Professional looking pants have a way of making the wearer feel professional. This could actually help boost your interview beyond it just affecting the way the interviewer perceives you. Often, when you dress a certain way your demeanor changes to match what you’re wearing. This is why those who apply for jobs over the phone or Internet are told to wear nice pants (or even just pants!), because even if the interviewer won’t see what’s below the waist, the person being interviewed will.

    Lastly, you’ll want to make sure your entire outfit goes together well. Choose a pair of pants and a shirt that complement each other. If you wear a light color on top, you may want to wear a darker color on bottom, and vice versa. Try on your outfit ahead of time to make sure it looks on your body the way it looks in your head. When you do try it on, also put on the shoes you plan to wear. This will give you an overall picture of how your outfit will work together, and you can then make adjustments as necessary. For both girls and guys, wearing the right clothes can go a long way toward getting the job you want.

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