Is Graduate School Recommended? An Mba? Some Other Graduate Degree Or Certifications?

You might find yourself faced with the task of answering questions such as, “Is graduate school recommended, an MBA or some other graduate degree or certification” Chances are that an applicant is not asking this question with plans to immediately enroll in a class. What they are really asking with this question is what education you are looking for the right candidate to posses.

Points to Emphasize
How you answer this question can contribute to how a candidate views your available job position. As such, there are certain points that you should emphasize.

  • If there are any degrees or certifications that are required for the position, name them.

  • Describe the actual qualifications and skills that individuals with such training are expected to bring.

  • If there is not any required schooling but there are suggested certifications or trainings, talk about them.

  • Emphasize how education positions individuals for advancement, and if your company looks to advance their employs, elaborate on that fact.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid
    Along with things to mention, there are also a few mistakes that you should avoid.

  • Do not make up any recommendations that are not required or suggested by the company for the position.

  • Avoid spending a lot of time giving a full list of possible education choices.

  • Do not just give a laundry list of possible related degrees or certifications.

  • Even if it is true, do not mention if your company will accept individuals who do not posses required education.

    Sample Answer

    In answering interviewees’ questions about recommended or needed training or education, your answer might sound like this:

    For our project manager position we recommend that individuals have some sort of management training. Proper applicants may have a degree in business administration, a project administration certification or some other form of training, including on-the-job training performing project management duties. We primarily desire for candidates to have some form of experience with proper development and execution of plans, as well as communication, problem solving and analytical skills necessary to fulfill the position.

    It is your duty to select the best possible candidate, therefore you want to make your needs and expectations clear to interviewees and use that time to evaluate how well of a match they are.

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