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In today’s image driven society, the wardrobe choices for women have become more revealing than ever. However, this does not mean that gals wearing low cut tops and mini skirts to their interviews will acquire employment positions. In fact an inadequately dressed woman is less likely to get the job she wants as clothing choices really do tell a story. For young women entering today’s competitive work force, here are some tips on how to dress your best for any interview.

Essential Items

Women getting ready to prepare an outfit for their interview will have many options to choose from when shopping at their local malls and popular department stores. This can be helpful when women need different sizes or prefer a certain brand, but this also leaves more of a chance to buy inappropriate clothing. If women choose to wear a top with a pair of pants or a skirt, they should look for collared shirts with buttons down the front. Sleek looking shirt materials include cotton and silk. Sleeveless blouses with a bit of ruching or layered fabrics look great under a suit jacket. Remember to choose a shirt with a neckline that is high enough to conceal cleavage.

Choosing professional but modern pants or skirts can be another challenge for women entering the job market. When wearing a skirt, the hemline should be no higher than just above the knees. Young ladies can look for pencil skirts with matching jackets for a classy and smart look. If a woman decides to wear trousers, she should choose a pair colored black, grey, brown or navy blue. These are wise neutral colors that can be matched with many tops. However, trousers should never be too tight and should reach to the tops of your ankles. Many stores even carry trouser jeans for a slightly more casual but still refined look.

Avoiding a Wardrobe Disaster

While young gals wearing their favorite concert t-shirts and low cut jeans may look attractive to the average Joe, employers will not appreciate this everyday ensemble. In fact, young ladies dressing for an interview should never wear t-shirts, regular jeans or mini skirts. Low cut blouses revealing too much of the bust line will be distracting and immature as well. These looks may be accepted at the mall or on a night out at the movies, but employers will see them as unprofessional, unclean and just lazy.

When it comes to shoes, forget about flip-flops or summer sandals. On the other hand, thigh length boots or super high heels will look cheap and unscrupulous. Muddy cowboy boots or scuffed up loafers are not welcome in the interview chair either. The best shoes to wear are closed toe pumps or slip-ons with low heels. Lace up or buttoning Mary Jane shoes are smart and comfortable choices as well.

Basic Hygiene is Key

One final aspect of any women’s interview attire to remember is basic hygiene. Yes, un-brushed teeth, messy hair and sweaty armpits will leave interviewers ready to run away. Conversely, women wearing too much perfume, make up or even hair spray can turn their interview into a New York fashion show ready for screeching photographers and runway walks. Instead, women should:

· Take a shower or bath the day of their interview.

· Wash and dry their hair and place it into a bun, ponytail or clip for a chic up-do.

· Brush their teeth and utilize a mild breath mint before their interview.

· Clean under their fingernails and invest in a manicure or apply a light coat of clear polish.

· Wear deodorant but refrain from strongly scented perfumes or lotions.

Moreover, any woman preparing for her interview needs to cover up excessive tattoos and remove any piercings on the face and body that would leave their potential employer uncomfortable or unimpressed. If women have tattoos on their arms and legs, they should wear long sleeves and pants to prevent any misunderstandings about her body art.

Even though today’s world, full of fashion magazines and ideas to improve your appearance are around every corner, women who dress modestly with a modern twist will be more likely to earn the job of their dreams. The outfit of an interviewee can greatly influence a hiring manager’s decision, thus it is important for ladies to portray themselves as skilled and modest. Finally, women ready to jump into their new career field should remember to dress for the job they want, not the job they have.

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