Front End Programmer Interview Questions

There are numerous responsibilities that will be expected of you as a front end programmer. You will be in charge of working alongside developers and designers to create new webpages. You are going to need to ensure that every project adheres to a strict timetable and gets completed according to schedule. Performing browser compatibility tests and quality assurance are also important aspects of the job. Ultimately, you will be working to providing strong coding to the company’s websites, so during your interview, you will be asked questions to see if you actually possess the knowledge and experience to succeed in this role.

Typical Questions to be Asked in a Front End Programmer Interview

Certain questions are likely to be asked of front end programmers than other professions. You should review the following list and prepare responses before going into your interview.

  • What tools do you use to test the functionality of your code?

  • How would you find a performance bug in your coding?

  • State the differences between compositing, painting and layout.

  • What are ways in which you can improve upon your own coding?

  • What is the difference between an integration test and a unit test?

  • List all the HTTP actions you are familiar with and briefly describe them.

  • What do you like about the developer tools that you personally use?

  • Tell me about a cool project you recently worked on.

    • What excites you most about coding?

    You should also be prepared to talk about HTML, JavaScript or CSS. If you are able to get the information, you should see what kind of system the company you are applying for uses, so you can customize your answers to be relevant. The job description will most likely talk about what systems and tools are used, but just in case, you can always contact the company to learn more.

    Other Steps to Take to Prepare for Your Interview

    When you apply for a front end programmer job, you will likely be asked for a portfolio of your work. It is very important that your work is current and only displays the best projects you have worked on. If you are relatively new to the field and have not worked on many websites, there are still ways for you to build up your portfolio. You can create your own website for a family member or local business. The hiring manager may already have your portfolio, but you should have examples ready to bring out during your interview in case you are asked for them.

    Before going into your interview, you are going to want to perform plenty of research into the company and the values that company has to see what would be expected of you and to see if it would be a good fit for you personally. The same basic etiquette for any interview should be abided by. That includes showing up 10 to 15 minutes early, dressing appropriately and being cordial to any employees you come into contact with.

    You should also be ready to ask some questions of your own. It is very likely that the interviewer will ask at the end if you have any questions, and you should prepare a list of a few questions to ask beforehand. These inquiries can include:

  • Would I be able to work on other work after hours?

  • What kind of software and tools are offered at this company?

    • What would be the first project I would work on?
  • Has this position opened up due to there being more work?

    Once the interview has reached its end, you will likely be given a timeline of when you can expect to hear a decision. If that timeline comes and goes, you can send the interviewer a follow-up email to check in. Interviews can be extremely difficult, but with the right amount of foresight, they can be made so much easier.

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