Forensic Interviewer Resume

Updating Your Forensic Interviewer Resume

Before you enter an office for a professional job interview, you will probably have sent a resume and a cover letter. As you are updating your forensic interviewer resume, look over the original job posting again. Additionally, conduct some basic research on your prospective employer. Use this information to figure out what the hiring manager is probably looking for. Align your professional merits and experience with what the employer wants.

Limit your resume to just one page of standard sized type. Some occasions allow or require longer resumes, but generally, employers only want to look over one page. Thus, do not feel like you should cram every detail of your career into the document. Emphasize your professional highlights and include your most memorable selling points as a qualified professional.

Common Components of a Quality Resume

In this industry, you can pull from preexisting templates for your resume. Though you will be pulling from common components, you should also spend a significant amount of time making your forensic interviewer resume memorable. Use these sections to get started:

  • Contact information: Your contact information should be located at the top and be completely accurate. Include your full name, email address, phone number and mailing address.

  • Job objective: This snippet should cover your best professional selling points. Incorporate your potential employer and prospective job title.

  • Qualification Highlights: Your highlights should be a broad list of your professional merits. Tailor it to what the company needs in an ideal candidate.

  • Professional Experience: List your recent positions and include a summary of your responsibilities.

  • Education: Use your post-secondary degrees and certifications to fill this section. Include relevant seminars and trainings.

    Your resume is equivalent to your first professional impression. As a result, do your best to appear both qualified and confident with the contents of this document.

    Sample of a Forensic Interviewer Resume

    Below is a good starting point as you update your resume. Remember to tailor the information and presentation for your prospective job and professional skills. Before you send off your forensic interviewer resume, consider letting a trusted advisor or friend proofread it. This will be your first impression so don’t let any typos slip through.

    Jillian Potter

    912 Yellow Leaf Drive

    Nashville, TN

    (555) 444 – 3333

    Job Objective: Looking for a challenging Forensic Interviewer position with LMNOP Corporation to utilize extensive knowledge of child development and criminal proceedings.

    Qualification Highlights:

    • Years of experience in coordinating with child protective services and similar agencies
    • Thorough knowledge of child trauma and development
    • Extensive familiarity with the investigative procedures regarding child abuse
    • Strong ability to coordinate with children and family
    • Ability to evaluate multiple viewpoints and solve conflicts efficiently
    • Complete understanding of criminal and civil proceedings for an effective interview

    Professional Experience:

    Forensic Interviewer

    Silk Road Health Incorporated, Rushville, TN

    July 2012 – present


    • Led forensic interviews for abuse with adolescents and children
    • Coordinated interviews with children and adolescents who spoke various languages
    • Assisted child abuse victims
    • Conducted interviews regarding human trafficking and child exploitation
    • Supervised forensic interview team and oversaw on-going interview methods
    • Guaranteed compliance with company, state and federal interview guidelines and policies

    Forensic Interviewer

    Sand Hills Child Services Organization, Smithville, TN

    August 2009 – June 2012


    • Led forensic interviews with adolescents and children
    • Provided written documentation of forensic interviews
    • Coordinated with interview team members to achieve objectives more effectively
    • Prepared reports for relevant parties based on gathered information
    • Led CPIT training for other professionals and monitored their interview performance
    • Prepared existing records and compiled data for court proceedings and testimonies
    • Participated in municipal and state wide forensic interviewer meetings to coordinate legal standards


    Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice

    East Central Tennessee State, Smithville, TN

    Bachelor of Science in Forensic Sciences

    East Central Tennessee State, Smithville, TN

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