Field Interviewer Resume

Before you walk into an office for a professional job interview, you will likely have to send in a resume and perhaps a cover letter. As you refresh your field interviewer resume, consult with the job posting and research your prospective employer. Do your best to decipher what the hiring manager will be looking for in the best candidate. After you have this information, you can better align your existing merits and experience with what the company needs.

Your resume should be limited to one page. Sometimes, you will be allowed a longer resume, but the rule of thumb is one page of single spaced type. As such, do not feel compelled to cram everything you’ve ever done into the space. Instead, focus on your career highlights and your most compelling selling points.

Common Components of a Field Interviewer Resume

For this industry, there are existing templates you can borrow from and modify for your needs. Naturally, you should also spend time making your resume memorable, but these common components will help you begin the updating process:

  • Contact information: This should be located at the top of your field interviewer resume. Ensure the information is accurate and include your phone number, email address, mailing address and full name.

  • Job objective: This snippet should cover your most marketable qualities. Mention the company and position and avoid first person pronouns.

  • Qualification Highlights: Include a broad range of talents and capabilities that will make you more appealing to a hiring manager.

  • Professional Experience: List your most recent posts and also incorporate a brief summary of your responsibilities.

  • Education: Only use your post-secondary accolades and degrees. Do not forget to add any relevant certifications.

    Your resume is your first professional impression, so be sure to dedicate an adequate amount of time to revising the document. Try to present yourself as both confident and qualified.

    Sample of a Field Interviewer Resume

    Below, you will find a great starting point for updating your field interviewer resume. Remember to tailor the document to both your strengths as a professional and what your prospective employer is looking for in a prime candidate. Before you send it off, reread it multiple times and ask another individual to look it over. This will ensure the document is devoid of typos and inaccurate information.

    Mike Gould

    377 Lily White Court

    St. Marshall’s Street, Mo 99887

    (222) 333 – 4444

    Job Objective: Searching for a Field Interviewer position to utilize extensive field experience and highly developed interpersonal skills.

    Qualification Highlights:

    • Years of experience overseeing public health projects
    • Familiar with managing grant departments
    • Thorough knowledge of admissions process
    • Understanding of promotional health activities
    • Ability to translate written procedure, manuals and instructions into appropriate action
    • Highly accurate information recording skill set.

    Professional Experience:

    Field Interviewer

    Masterfully Elegant Technology Incorporated, Louisville, MO

    April 2012 – present


    • Led in-person in interviews using questionnaires and computer technology.
    • Gathered information and transmitted data to office database system.
    • Administered surveys
    • Evaluated and recorded survey results
    • Maintained accurate records
    • Wrote regular reports to headquarters regarding branch progress and status
    • Amassed biological information and oversaw completion based on company’s deadlines.

    Field Interviewer

    Better Solutions Company, Smithville, MO

    September 2007 – February 2012


    • Worked with project teams to design and set appropriate timeframes for completion of objectives.
    • Selected random sample households for data collection
    • Gathered and organized information amassed from participating households
    • Maintain individual participant records and perform rent based calculations
    • Ensured participant confidentiality and administered data
    • Oversaw compliance with accepted interview techniques
    • Conducted interviews with participants
    • Managed assistance via computer programs and software as well as computer records


    Master’s in Business Management

    South Central Montana State University, Titan, MO

    Bachelor of Science in Economics

    South Central Montana State University, Titan, MO

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