Exit Interview Questionnaire

Interviewing an employee or providing them with an exit interview questionnaire before they leave your organization can give you an inside look at how your staff may feel about certain procedures, policies, and practices. Individuals who are leaving the company will feel comfortable being candid with their answers, and you may find that there are certain issues within the establishment that you were unaware of. If you are eager to retain employees for a longer period of time in the future, this practice can provide valuable insight.

Formatting the Questionnaire

You should begin your form by requesting comprehensive contact information including the employee’s name, phone number, and e-mail address. Add lines for additional details such as position held, department, and manager. Ask how long the employee was with the company and if they held any other positions with the organization. Follow these details with some in-depth questions about the employee’s experience during their time with the company, and allow room for the individual to include additional thoughts about their position.

What the Exit Interview Questionnaire Should Ask

If you are experiencing a high turnover of employees in your organization, implementing a well-crafted questionnaire may be helpful in retaining workers for a longer period of time. Gaining insight into the reasons for multiple departures will aid in determining what is working well in your organization and what needs to be changed or improved. Adjusting your practices and policies in relation to employee responses will help you to build a more productive company. Choose questions that will evoke thoughtful responses for the best results. Here are several examples of questions that will provide valuable information:

1. Would you say that the job description accurately portrayed your duties? If not, what changes should be made to the description to more accurately portray the position?

2. What did you like about your job? What did you dislike?

3. Was a positive environment cultivated during your time here? Do you have any ideas that may improve the work environment?

4. Why have you chosen to leave the organization? If you have left this position to work with another company, please describe the reasons that led to this decision. If family circumstances, benefits, or work environment played a role in your choice, please explain.

5. Did you try to solve issues in this job before looking for a position elsewhere? If so, how did you attempt to resolve the situation?

6. Did you feel that your manager was supportive in helping you experience the proper training? Did they provide encouragement and advise you on opportunities for advancement? Were performance reviews completed often? If so, were these sessions helpful?

7. In your opinion, was your workload appropriate to the position you held? Did you feel that there was too much pressure to take on more responsibility than you could handle?

8. Did you find satisfaction in your job during employment?

9. Was your supervisor fair? Did you receive recognition for a job well done? Was a spirit of teamwork fostered? Were issues managed appropriately? Did you feel that the manager listened to you and to other employees?

10. Did you find that departments worked well together? How did you get along with your colleagues?

11. Was company communication effective? Would you say that morale was good in general?

12. Do you feel that your compensation and benefits were fair for your position?

13. What other thoughts would you like to share about your experience with the company?

Putting together a document like this can give you powerful insight into ways to improve your company. Make sure that the employee knows you appreciate honest answers to help you improve your policies and create a better work environment. Think about the things that you would like to learn from your employees, and create your own custom questionnaire.

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