Exit Interview Letter

An Exit Interview Letter

If you are a member of the human resources department at your company, you probably have to conduct exit interviews with employees. These interviews are normally conducted no matter the circumstances for the employee leaving. Sometimes employees leave a company on great terms. Maybe they’re retiring or simply moving on with their career. However, sometimes an employee is fired and there may be resentment.

An exit interview letter lets an employee know that you want to conduct an exit interview. It can also let them know when and where you plan on having the interview. No matter the situation, you want to make sure to send a tactful, professional letter. In order to gain the cooperation of a departing employee, you need to consider the format and content of this type of letter.


This letter can be considered a formal letter, so the format is similar to that of many formal letters:

  • Your name, position title, the company name and address; can be either in the top left or right corner

    • The date; underneath your information
  • Name of the departing employee and their address; normally on the left side underneath your information

  • Greeting; on the left side underneath the departing employee’s information

    • Body; all left aligned
  • Ending salutations; directly after the body also left aligned

    • Your signature; underneath the salutations
  • Your printed name, title and company name; underneath your signature

    You want to make sure to keep an exit interview letter formal even if it is an awkward situation.


    Perhaps more important than the format, the content has to be kept professional and straightforward. There are certain things you want to avoid including in this type of letter. You don’t want to include any information that may make the recipient angry. For example, if they were fired, don’t bring up the reason for their termination. You want them to comply with the interview, so you need to keep the letter friendly and polite.

    You can do this by only including information that is pertinent to the exit interview. The content of the letter can really be broken down into three parts:

    • The Introduction

    In the first paragraph, you want include the reason for the letter. That means you want to let them know when their last day is scheduled, and that you want to have an exit interview before they leave. You also want to let them know the reason for the exit interview. Many times this type of interview is held to get feedback from the employee. What did the company do well in their eyes? What was their experience with the company? Let them know that they only reason you want this type of information is so you can make the company a better work environment.

    • The Body

    The body of the exit interview letter is where you can tell them what they need to do before the interview. If there is a questionnaire you want them to fill out, let them know. You can also use this time to let them know how important they were as an employee. How you and the company hope that their future endeavors go well. No matter what you say here, make sure it is sincere. And keep in mind that you don’t want to say anything that will cause resentment.

    • The Conclusion

    In the final paragraph you want to make sure to remind them of the exact time that the interview is scheduled. Let them know what to do if they have questions. You can also let them know that you look forward to being able to meet with them

    An exit interview letter can be hard to write depending on the situation. Make sure it is straightforward, informative and tactful to get the best message across. You don’t want to make the departing employee feel ostracized. No matter the reason for their departure, make sure to keep the letter and the interview as friendly as possible.

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