Event Planner Interview Questions And Answers

Event planning may seem like a glamorous and exciting position, but it also requires a wide range of requirements. As you interview for a potential position, you will be expected to show that you are not only creative but also highly skilled to perform all required tasks. As you approach the interview, you want to make sure that you are highly prepared to show that you are ready for the job. Below are some sample event planner interview questions and answers that can help you prepare.

Expectations of The Position

Because many people may view the profession as all fun and creativity, potential employers want to make sure that you have a clear understanding of the reality. Event planning is a highly demanding position that requires extensive organization, time management, people skills and stress management. Here are some potential interview questions and answers that can help you demonstrate this capability.

· What are the most important skills that an event planner needs to possess?

“While creativity and style are important skills to possess, it is even more important for a planner to demonstrate strong time management and organizational skills, ensuring that tasks are completed on time. In addition, it is important to be able to quickly handle unanticipated circumstances while remaining calm.”

  • How well do you manage your time?

“Time management is an important part of my daily life. I am familiar with calendar programs and applications, and I make sure that I clearly note deadlines and appointments. In addition, I make sure to plan ample time to complete tasks, guaranteeing that I am not overbooked.”

  • How well do you handle stressful situations?

“I have found that it is best to handle stressful situations with a calm demeanor. When an unanticipated problem arises, it is useful to quickly take steps to problem solve crafting creative immediate solutions to any issue.”

Job Challenges

Because the position does possess a variety of challenges, the interviewer will want to assess some of your struggles along with your potential coping strategies. They want to see that you have clear approaches in addressing difficulties. Here is a sample as to how to approach this type of event planner interview question.

· What do you view as the most difficult struggles of an event planner?

“Frequently customers have extraordinarily high expectations with hard deadlines, and this can be difficult to handle. However, paying close attention to customers’ priorities and desires can help ensure their vision is accomplished. In addition, it is important to clearly organize tasks and priorities to make sure that all deadlines are met no matter the task.”

Work Hours

Because many social events occur outside of normal business hours, event planners are often expected to work during off-hours. You will likely be expected to work weekends and evenings. Additionally, events may be located in a variety of different locations, requiring you to travel substantial distances. As such, potential employers will want to ask you if you are anticipating these requirements. Below are a couple sample event planner question and answer that can help you address this issue.

  • Are you available to work long hours?

“Because most events are on weekends and evenings, I anticipate that I will need to be available to work during odd hours. I also understand that some events can require extensive time to set up, run and clean up. While this can be demanding, I am passionate about the job and willing to be available.”

  • Are you able to travel long distances?

“ I understand that many events may require travel, and I am willing to spend the time getting to a location because I want to make sure that clients are getting the event they want where they want it.”

Event planning can be substantially more difficult than you may think, and it is important that you portray your ability to meet the job’s demands. Ultimately, it is important to clearly show your strong organizational skills and overall flexibility.

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